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  1. Sorry to dig this old thread up, but I'm in a bit of a mess. I disconnected my arb assuming I could run it without any Arb or tie bar at all... clear movement with the lower arm, so I need to refit or go ahead (quickly) with a tie bar. I only MOTd the car in Thursday after buying and rebuilding, so I'm regretting removing the ARB and destroying the bush at the same time. Anyway, what's the quickest and easiest way to get setup with a tie bar? Is anyone selling a kit that I can bolt together? I have no machining tools or skill to make much myself.. Advice needed! Thanks, Richard
  2. Bit late to the party.. I bought some random filters off eBay. They had an outer sleeve, which I have removed for now. Will look at "proper" filters once it's on the road!
  3. Hi, nice solution for tie bar here. How did you make the bracket? Seems quite difficult to make with basic tools..
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