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  1. Thanks hopefully it won’t be to much of a problem to fit in my 2b….. I want heating so I can make the most use out of it
  2. Hi guys I know it’s a old post….. what type of taxi heater is it, what model or year, there so many different types on eBay for ages of cabs….. I know a place that breaks them cheap, just don’t want to buy the wrong one
  3. Does anyone have turbo alloys possibly array, or any other types, nothing to big have some terrible 17inch cheap nasty boy racer wheels on my 2b at the moment…. Need them off, thanks Shaun
  4. I really hope we get some interest, I get Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and north Wales is a huge area, goes without saying really even members without fully build kits, or anyone with a interest in cars be great for them to come along
  5. Really good job you’ve made of the dashboard, give me a few ideas of what to do with mine, I hope my diy job turns out that well
  6. Peter C……. Also from Liverpool hopefully still uses our forum, really want to try and get some area meets going
  7. Somebody close to me in the Wirral Christopher G……..
  8. I wouldn’t mind trying to meet with local hoodies…….. I’ve messaged a few personally no reply I must of scared them off lol, I’m in Liverpool, if any of the admin could contact any of the locals should be a few in Merseyside, Cheshire or Manchester…. I personally wouldn’t mind the travel
  9. That’s how I have mine mounted now, it’s not how it was originally done, I had to ring GBS, really helpful to be honest….. and thanks for the picture
  10. I was going to order a few but hoping they’ll be delivered before the open, might as well pick them up when I get there, save myself a few £, can’t beat a bit of cake either
  11. I’ll have a look now, hopefully they’ll be a few of our members there
  12. Will anybody be attending the cars & coffee event at GBS, it’s on the 2nd October 10:00 - 14:00, not been before personally just wondering what the turn outs like?
  13. That looks like a good upgrade, I’ll hopefully be able to get one very soon, i might have to just use the plastic one for now, I was hoping to make GBS open day one the 2nd October, don’t look like I’m going to have it ready in time tho, so much to do
  14. Purchased a bush kit from kit spares, can anyone advise me on how to fit, i really don’t know how it passed the IVA test, I took the column out and there’s not the plastic parts I got from kitspares just the rubber bush, that’s why I have no idea of how it goes back together, spent most of the summer getting the car road worthy, the amount of loose bolts I’ve found is a joke, all advice welcome
  15. Hi guys trying to remove 2.0 dohc sump, does the gearbox need to be separated from the engine, just thought I’d give it a go as cracked sump I’ve tried to seal up with no joy All advice welcome
  16. Hi guys trying to remove 2.0 dohc sump, does the gearbox need to be separated from the engine, just thought I’d give it a go as cracked sump I’ve tried to seal up with no joy….
  17. I know there not cheap, I really don’t want something that’s going to be problematic, want it as straight forward as possible
  18. I have a MT75 gearbox….. the zetec blacktop engine I purchased was out of a automatic Mondeo so no flywheel or clutch, thanks for the link I’ll have a good look at your blog, I’m only £360 into a budget of 2.5k, I feel I got a bargain with the engine and throttle bodies plus loads of bits
  19. Hi all my 2.0 dohc EFI is buggered, sounds like a bag of spanner’s and using a load of oil, I’ve just purchased a 2.0 zetec wiring harness Ford ecu, and GXSR 750 TB’s, all come together off ebay, how hard of a conversion will it be, only have basic skills to be honest, also what aftermarket ECU is best to run engine with Tbs, all advice welcome
  20. Just reading up on a zetec conversion I’m planning on doing, do you still have the ATR sump for sale…… long shot but worth a ask
  21. I will be changing my front/rear arches on my 2b at the end of the month, there stainless front and rear covered in red vinyl…. I’m going for GRP set, your more then welcome to them if you want to pay the postage….
  22. Thanks I need to have a tinker with it when I get home
  23. Hi all, my brake lights decided they want to stay stuck on my 2b, one day before my MOT is due, I’m awful with anything electrical, any help will be much appreciated thanks Shaun
  24. shaun_tomo88

    Gaz shocks

    I’ll have them, I’ll PM you now thanks
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