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  1. Thanks for the pics Dean - they're really useful. Thanks also to MarkB - I'm working my way through your build blog to pick up some more tips! I see you were working in Basingstoke during your build - i'm just up the road from there! Been looking at ECU options to run the VVT on the ST170 - the ME100 looks a decent option but its not cheap....
  2. Thanks again Dean - sounds like I'll need a new pedal box if we're going to drop the ST170 in. I presume we'll need a new master brake cylinder that sits over the pedal box? I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has managed to install an ST170 with the original EFI set up. Cheers,
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post yesterday with links to earlier threads on this - much appreciated. Dean - thanks for the edit earlier - it had me a bit confused before! Here's my pedal box set-up (such as it is!):
  4. Help! I did something on the spur of the moment and bought a part disassembled Robin Hood 2b as a project to do with my son – whilst I’m fairly handy with a spanner, I’ve not tinkered with a kit since owning a Pilgrim Sumo many years so I’m reaching out to those of you at RHOCaR who might have the know-how and time to give us some much needed advice and guidance on how to put this project back together. We bought the 2b as a body-on rolling chassis as the previous owner had taken out the old Pinto and type 9 box and bought a ST170 Zetec\Duratec from a Focus to drop in. The kit came w
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