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  1. 1983 I think- be great if it was a visual smoke test only!
  2. Thanks very much for the feedback - much appreciated. Sounds like a non-cat silencer should get us through the emissions test which is good news - they’re a lot cheaper! Thanks also for the link to Kit Spares - I see they supply units with or without a cat - £200 less for the non-cat version! Tractor - it’s on an A plate. I’ll try & set up the carbs right to get it through - otherwise I’ll be making my way to a local tuner! Alan - congrats on the MOT pass - is yours fitted with a cat to get those results?
  3. Hi - I have a 2b running a Ford Zetec ST170 fitted with bike carbs. The car went through the IVA in 2003 and the emissions is stated on the V5 as CO 4.5 & HC 0.12. It was fitted with a Pinto engine at the time. I need to fit a silencer to the exhaust manifold and I’m wondering if I need one with a Cat or if a standard non-cat unit will get me through the MOT emissions test? Any suggestions as to where I can get one would also be much appreciated. Any thoughts welcome! Many thanks, steve
  4. Thanks for the pics Dean - they're really useful. Thanks also to MarkB - I'm working my way through your build blog to pick up some more tips! I see you were working in Basingstoke during your build - i'm just up the road from there! Been looking at ECU options to run the VVT on the ST170 - the ME100 looks a decent option but its not cheap....
  5. Thanks again Dean - sounds like I'll need a new pedal box if we're going to drop the ST170 in. I presume we'll need a new master brake cylinder that sits over the pedal box? I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has managed to install an ST170 with the original EFI set up. Cheers,
  6. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post yesterday with links to earlier threads on this - much appreciated. Dean - thanks for the edit earlier - it had me a bit confused before! Here's my pedal box set-up (such as it is!):
  7. Help! I did something on the spur of the moment and bought a part disassembled Robin Hood 2b as a project to do with my son – whilst I’m fairly handy with a spanner, I’ve not tinkered with a kit since owning a Pilgrim Sumo many years so I’m reaching out to those of you at RHOCaR who might have the know-how and time to give us some much needed advice and guidance on how to put this project back together. We bought the 2b as a body-on rolling chassis as the previous owner had taken out the old Pinto and type 9 box and bought a ST170 Zetec\Duratec from a Focus to drop in. The kit came with new engine mounts from Great British Sports Cars, a new bellhousing and new clutch. All we needed to do is put it all back together! Needless to say, we soon found it this was not a simple engine swap (for us anyway) so I’m hoping someone out there might have done this before and can give us some much needed advice! Any pointers on some basics to start with would really help: · Fuel\Electric system Can you keep it simple and re-use the original fuel injection system or is the bike carb option the only\best way to go? Can you re-use the ECU from the Focus donor if we can re-use the EFI system or is an aftermarket unit the better option? · Cooling Is the Retro-Ford water rail the only option to re-route the coolant or are there alternatives? · Clutch\Bellhousing The car came with a new bellhousing to couple the Sierra Type 9 box to the ST170 but it doesn’t fit! Does anyone know a good supplier? The kit also came with a new boxed up clutch package for a Mondeo 1.6 – I’m doubting this is the right unit to work with the original ST170 flywheel \ Type 9 box as the clutch release bearing in the package certainly doesn’t fit the clutch fork? If not, any ideas for the best clutch\flywheel options? Might the prop need shortening? I’m sure I haven’t even thought of half the things I should have to get this powertrain back up & running so I would be really pleased to hear from anyone who can give us some pointers on our re-build. Thanks for reading this post and hope to hear from someone soon! All the best, Steve & Harry
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