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  1. Hi Just made a couple of half doors. They were cut from an old triumph Toledo vinyl roof and up to 4 layers thick. Used a frister rossman machine which is quite small. As Kevin said a walking foot would be good. They sewed ok but the best tip is to have someone to give steady light pull to help it along. Am going to make a rain cover next then have ago at a Surrey top. Hth Swan
  2. swan


    Mick The details are on Dave Andrews site. dvandrews.co.uk Have a pair here but the chap who made them did the internal thread 16mm instead of 12mm. Perhaps could have a screwed sleeve fitted. Going spare. Regards swan
  3. Alan Good news . See you there Pete
  4. swan

    One Time Offer!

    hi Matt Thanks for organising photo shoot and pass on thanks to Ben. Swan
  5. swan

    One Time Offer!

    Hi Matt If you go for Coventry I will have to cancel. Swan
  6. swan

    One Time Offer!

    Hi Matt Put me down for it . Thanks Swan
  7. Hello all, Wonder if any one local to Nottingham may be interested in this. Swan Jnr organised it last year as his wife did volunteer work for them. Details below Headway the Brain Injuries charities deal with people with all sorts of acquired head injuries whether it is stroke, tumour, or as a result of traumatic brain injury car/bike accidents etc. The majority of the service users are male, (over 75%) and ironically many of them still love the cars and bikes that led to their injuries. Last year we took along 7 or 8 kit cars for the service users to have a look at and they had a great time, as too did the people that took the cars along. it was a genuinely lovely afternoon and a really good way to use our cars to do something to make someone else smile. we are running it again this year on the 4th of August from 1pm. If any of you are local it would be lovely to see you. I will be going in the GTM and swan jnr will be going in his V8 locost + 2 or 3 from locost builders site. Regards Swan
  8. swan

    Gtm Libra/spyder

    Hi I sold my Robin Hood 3 years ago and bought my sons Spyder. 1.8 vvc engine which with the low weight of the car means it is nimble and really enjoyable to drive. So the best of both worlds with the soft top down when warm and up when cold which means it can be used all year round. They are roomy inside and can take a driver 6ft. and over with ease. Think someone mentioned at Stoneleigh that they made about 60 Spyder's. Regards Pete
  9. Weather looks good . See you tomorrow. Swan
  10. Alan Can you add me to the list for next Sunday. Pete
  11. hi i have a build manual and for the green paint it states fomulation 030-4tw6,green ingrediant 1L (gms) PO30-9903 99.8 PO30-9905 777.8 PO30-9964 1009.9 PO30-9981 1018.0 Not sure if it will help as original colour will have probably faded over time. swan
  12. Alan Available please add me to the list. Swan
  13. Alan Thanks go to you for organising a great day out. Great location, good company and excellent weather again. Swan
  14. Hi This article may help http://dvandrews.co.uk Some useful stuff , find the article "Oil & Water" Swan
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