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  1. exlabman


    Thanks, tried cardboard but it wasn't rigid enough, started it in hardboard. Cheers
  2. exlabman


    Cheers for the replies. I was trying to sort it without disconnecting and removing everything to get this thing in place. Gonna have to bit the bullet and remove the master cylinder, disconnect all the wiring and cables to pass through single holes. I wanted to box around them leavino slots but this doesn't seem to be acceptable. Just hate going backwards, I suppose I need to get used to that. Onwards...
  3. exlabman


    Think if I box it all in it'll have to be removable to give access to master cylinder and adjusters. This means cables and pipes will need to be fed through slots leaving holes again.This one thing has stumped me for months and I'm getting fed up with it. D
  4. exlabman


    Yes that's done behind the pedals, this is above the pedals where they fit to the top mountings, master cylinder etc. I briefly considered boxing over all of it but this would cover the master cylinder and pedal adjusters. D
  5. exlabman


    Hi, Kicked myself up the chuff and back on the build after too long an absence. I understand there needs to be a bulkhead between the engine bay and the interior of the car. The issue I'm having is around the pedals, however I do it there will be a gap to allow pedal travel. I was wondering about putting draught excluder brushes over the holes around the pedals. Would this be sufficient to pass the IVA man? Would it be seen as interfering with the travel of the pedals? By the way it's a Tiger supercat not a RH in case you are trying to visualise the problem. I can put pics on when I get home. Cheers D
  6. exlabman


    Hi, Just wanted to say thanks to those who took the time to chat to us and show us their cars at Stoneleigh. Got some great tips and some good ideas how to proceed. The pork butties were great too... Hope to see you again soon. David & Claire.
  7. Def been on eBay few months ago.
  8. Will be arriving lunchtime Sunday, still be ok for a pitch with you lot? Claire has promised some baked goodies as an ice breaker. D
  9. Oh, not seen a c clip. Where should it be? Prev owner had already had a go so might be missing. thanks D
  10. Hi, have followed the standard make your own quickshift and it has worked well, no more bruised knuckles. It says to aryldite the underneath when you are happy with it. Do they mean the splines on the shaft or between the bolts on top of the remote to fill in the gap? Only issue is the push down gate to reverse has gone and it just goes straight in. Does it need a gate for IVA? Cheers D
  11. Hi, Hijacking the thread slightly, is food available on site to buy evenings/breakfast? Hoping to leave car as clear as poss of camping gear to make room for potential goodies like seats etc. Cheers D
  12. Hi, Some advice for a stoneleigh virgin. Any restrictions on tent sizes, glass bottles etc? Wife planning like a military operation. Cheers D
  13. Got to be better than the fully synthetic John Smiths etc...
  14. 2l Red Top with R1 carbs and megajolt. Not set up yet. D
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