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  1. Scallops x 3 Turkey x 3 creme brulee x 2 brownie Lots of beer
  2. Great stuff Alan, the map is a great resource for anyone looking nearby for fellow kit owners. Andi
  3. Yes. He used to have them in 2 thickness sizes. Can't remember what they were, but I had the thickest pair. My 2b was so far out, that I ended up putting both on, then taking one side off and it was almost bang on. Andi
  4. Also just to point out, a volunteer would not be jumping into the dark abyss. You would be getting full support from the outgoing relevant committee member(s) and / or the committee. Fresh ideas come from new volunteers Andi
  5. A huge welcome to you all. Quite a few in from down South, which is always good to spread the mix about. Please fire away with the questions, no matter how big or how small. They love questions on this site. Andi Mr Chairman
  6. I would have loved to do the rally at Weston park on the Sunday, but I will be in the States. Typical, it's just down the road for me
  7. Saturday 3rd December 2022 is still good for us
  8. Here are some assorted car event events for the "getting proper chilly month of October" Sunday October 2nd Autumn Classic Vehicle Rally at Blythe Bridge https://foxfieldrailway.co.uk/event/autumn-classic-vehicle-rally-steam-service/ Sunday October 9th Minis and Milkshakes Sandon Hall Stafford https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Stafford/Sandon-Hall-And-Park-Enterprises/ Saturday Sunday 15th and 16th October Historic Rally Festival Weston park https://www.weston-park.com/event/historic-rally-festival/ Sunday October 2nd Clasic Car Show Ruddington Notts https://www.facebook.com/NTHCRuddington Andi
  9. I just know some folk will be interested in this. https://www.hexis-academy.co.uk/event-info/vehicle-wrapping-course-october-2022 mmm wrapping Andi
  10. Hi all, Thought I would try a new venue this month at The Greyhound in Yarlet near Stafford and Stone https://www.thegreyhoundinnyarlet.co.uk/ To be honest, I will be at the start of my training for the prestigious event they hold there and was hoping others might join / support me. I reckon ill get up to speed in maybe 18 months to 2 years.. Please see link below https://www.thegreyhoundinnyarlet.co.uk/about-2 I will be there from 7.30 in the kit (or not if its raining). Everybody is welcome and the food is good. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/The+Greyhound+Inn/@52.8550855,-2.1331278,491m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x10baca7842492e4d!8m2!3d52.8559188!4d-2.1333177 Andi
  11. You can put us 3 down for it guvna Just one question...... Will folk have stopped rioting in Leicester by then or do we need body armor?? https://www.vintageinn.co.uk/restaurants/midlands/theredcowleicesterforesteast#/ Andi
  12. Yes Mac 1 have a good pedigree on and off the track. There used to be a few of them on the Locost Builders website, but like the rest of the kit car world, in the past few years, the website doesnt seem to pull as many folks it used to. Beware of asking if they are a branch of MK. LOL Andi
  13. Hope you will still have a mega garage Andi
  14. Mine hasn't worked for years. Same problem as you I reckon. It does always pass the mot though Andi
  15. Pitch 4 Kerry. Best get your ear buds in mate. Friday until Sunday. Andi
  16. A massive welcome to you all. Keep asking questions no matter how big or small. We love them. Andi
  17. Andi

    Speed bingo at EOSB

    You may wish to wrap any donations to increase the speculation/joy/disappointment Andi
  18. Andi


    Quite a few have done the Landover conversion in the boot. Only need a more powerful pump for the turbo engine s. Have a look at Matt's if your at the end of season bash. Btw if you go the engine bay option. don't have your swirl pot under the exhaust headers like mine has. Put it on the other side. It boils my fuel on hot days when the fuel level is low Andi
  19. My trike is for sale Neil. First dibs????
  20. Andi

    Speed bingo at EOSB

    Wow. That was quick Richy
  21. Hi guys and gals. Just a reminder for people to rummage about in the darkest corners of your garages or wine cellars. Donations are required for bingo prizes for EOSB. This can be anything car, household, bric a brak or just about anything. We do not need any old Sierra clocks though. We can't seem to shift them Andi
  22. Loving the trike Andi
  23. Beautiful coloured car BTW. There has been a decline in organised run outs over the past couple years. I suspect I know why, but I dont want to hear the dreaded word again. Lots of clubs have gone to the wall and some have picked themselves up sharpish. Some clubs are more about automotive problems and building whilst others are more about run outs. Rhocar was a stable mix of all of these things, but I agree, we could do more run outs (I am also guilty of this of late). For anybody wishing to call for a run out, then just try it. We know there are informal run outs with close groups. But maybe a post on the forum would be more inclusive and productive? Andi
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