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  1. The satin look one is flawless with a brush. The gloss not so. I think it can be sprayed. Not sure though but they do sell thinners. Just make sure the top coat you get is the UV proof one. Oh and btw is cured harder and quicker in the damp air. Which is why they use them on oil rigs
  2. Chassis black Por 15 paint. With metal prep. I don't work for them, but if I did I'd be there best salesman. I did my wishbones and mirrors years ago. Toughest paint there is Andi
  3. Wow. It looks very dramatic on video. Glad your safe mate Andi
  4. Hi Swifty. That's quite depressing to hear and I'm sorry you felt that way. There was quite a few people I had never seen before and it's difficult to jump in on everyone. But on the whole, this club is known for its friendliness. Andi
  5. I just booked 3 tickets... I know, I know, I should have done it earlier
  6. Also, don`t forget to donate some prizes for the bingo. We have had some really good prizes in the past such as carbon fibre kit car doors and a brand new jet washer. But we also have booby prizes such as the infamous sierra clocks that somebody always re donates the following year. (`m sure they will turn up on the prize table this year). Andi
  7. We are on the camping field. There are 3 banner flags of UK kit car club
  8. Where the Tesla is parked is next to where the club stand will be
  9. Hi all, Unfortunately for me I will not be able to make this one as I am away with the family, but For anyone who wants to get out next Thursday evening, we have the Stafforshire area meeting at the Spread Eagle Watling St, Gailey, Stafford ST19 5PN Around 7.30pm Everyone welcome, kit or not. https://www.spreadeaglepubgailey.co.uk/ Andi
  10. A brilliant weekend. Beers, BBQ, bubble cars. Cheers both
  11. Email them Chris, I just did and they said it was concerning that we had not received the code. SO they then sent me one
  12. Pre Friday the 13th caravan inspection........ Jockey wheel decides to blow its valve out... So swapped it with an ill fitting trailer solid one. Now off to get beers No canoe Im afraid
  13. I dont recall any mention of a gate code. Are you sure you have booked the right caravan site?
  14. Having spent 10 years in Birmingham City centre and 20 years near Leicester city centre, I really appreciate the Chase now. It feels like a Californian or Canadian forest. Apart from the slight nagging doubt of getting whacked by a Deer, it is a kit car dream. Cheers for coming and great to meet some newish faces.
  15. BBC looks ok https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2640460
  16. Hi Max. I think its the best kit car show ive been to. However the last few years have been a smidge quieter and yes you could see it all in one day, allbeit a bit knackering. This year I do not know what to expect, will it be quiter due to the dreaded C word? Or will it be total mayhem as people are finally let out? I personally love the evening stuff. Walking round the tent and club areas, dumping myself in the middle of some unfortunate random club gathering and most of all, getting popped up in the Rhocar club tent. See you there
  17. Hmmmm. I've got a good feeling about this one mate
  18. Hi all, For anyone who wants to get out next Thursday evening, we have the Stafforshire area meeting at the Spread Eagle Watling St, Gailey, Stafford ST19 5PN Around 7.30pm Everyone welcome, kit or not. I think if its decent weather we should have a little run out too https://www.spreadeaglepubgailey.co.uk/ See you there Andi
  19. Wow. What a head ache. Well at least you have it sorted and can enjoy the car. Have fun and be safe Andi
  20. An MOT tester who knows his stuff I reckon. Should just be a visual smoke test on the old pinto, but some garages insist on giving it the modern emissions test which is wrong. Andi
  21. Andi

    Bike carbs

    I just used an old choke pulley button thingy and mounted it to the dash, connected it to the fuel enrichment on the carbs. Job done https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/black-choke-cable-locking-15-metre-long?gclid=Cj0KCQjwraqHBhDsARIsAKuGZeFV9RY0dUPC0czC44CIGaY2IjBYd_Q-JD7-srtg7RJ5COdyyGQ_CzUaAgQBEALw_wcB Andi
  22. Andi

    Oil Catch Tank

    Mine was just behind the bulkhead, so much higher. But I kept getting the fumes. So I just ran a pipe to the ground.. Sorry Greta
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