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  1. Vaughan

    Bonnet scoop

    Thanks Paul for your response where did you get it? What are the sizes if you don’t mind many thanks
  2. Vaughan

    Bonnet scoop

    I am fitting a Sierra DOHC into a monocoque. The engine inevitability sits high. Does anyone have any info or recommendations on sourcing a scoop and it’s iva implications? i need about 700mm at the front, 400 wide 850 long. TIA. Vaughan
  3. Vaughan

    Vaughan’s monocoque build

    I ain’t scared!! getting there!!
  4. Vaughan

    Sierra DOHC exhaust manifold

    Four branch for the above wanted please.
  5. Vaughan

    Sierra steering shaft

    Thank you, you have saved me hours of frustration
  6. Vaughan

    Sierra steering shaft

    So how is the triangle held in place? is it the plastic bush giving it resistance? thanks
  7. Vaughan

    Sierra steering shaft

    3-4 inches would be nice
  8. Vaughan

    Sierra steering shaft

    Howdy, can you lengthen the steering column shaft on a Sierra one? The triangular bit? i need to pull the wheel/indicator away from the dashboard? many thanks if anyone can offer me a heads up.
  9. Vaughan

    Sierra DOHC alternator

    Hi, me again! has anyone had to modify the alternator bracket on a Sierra DOHC to bring it closer to the engine? im having trouble getting it in a monocoque, this is the last hurdle. I guess I will need a shorter belt as well, has anyone solved this problem? cheers.
  10. Vaughan

    Ground clearance

    That’s low!!
  11. Vaughan

    Ground clearance

    Hi yall what is the rule of thumb for sump to ground clearance please as I am about to set my engine mounts and would appreciate your input thanks vaughan
  12. Vaughan

    How do I attach a photo

    Thanks everybody sorted now
  13. Vaughan

    Advice needed please!

    Thank You! i will have it delivered on Tuesday. I very much appreciate your response! Could I possibly call you for a chat?
  14. Vaughan

    Please identify

    Morning! can anyone help me identify this front suspension set up and possibly offer me some advise please? Thanks
  15. Vaughan

    How do I attach a photo

    Thank you, I’ll research