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  1. Redspec

    Super Spec Stalks

    Yep inbox was full
  2. Redspec

    Superspec Hydraulic Clutch

    What I should have said is it won't be a straight swop - different MT75 boxes. Re drill the fly wheel for a ford 2.0 DOHC cover plate (it's deeper and designed for a cable clutch) and fit a DOHC clutch. While the box is out change the spigot bearing for one that fits correctly - either a new bush or I think someone sleeved a ford one to fit. Then change out the thrust bearing, the 2.0 DOHC one will now fit as the cover plate is deeper and does away with the need for the bodged up one if you move the fork pivot point forward (done right this will also get rid of the fork rattle). As a last thought while the prop is off get it balanced - I don't think the originals were. Steve
  3. Redspec

    Superspec Hydraulic Clutch

    I think the superspec box is an MT75 V6 LHD box
  4. Redspec

    Super Spec Stalks

  5. Redspec

    Ripped My Sump Out...

    As Alan say's you want the 420 sump, the one I got was pressed steel not alloy so they must have manufactured both. An old sump thread:- http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=21990&st=0&p=174462&hl=sump&fromsearch=1entry174462
  6. Redspec

    Super Spec Clutch Noise

    Some bed time reading for you http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=26387&hl=clutch The chatter / rattle is because the pivot end of the fork is held between 2 nylock nuts (one of them fitted the wrong way) Fitting a light spring to the clutch arm to keep the release bearing in contact with the cover plate helps alot with the noise
  7. Redspec

    Motors Tv

    Saw this thread and thought I would have a look - Channel 240 not supported channel 71 some other stuff on, re tuned the TV using auto tune, YES YES YES channel 71 is now Motors tv.
  8. Redspec

    Attention: All Superspec Owners

    Not been on for a few years http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showuser=1220
  9. Redspec

    Attention: All Superspec Owners

    Good Idea and yes I have one of these as well.
  10. Redspec

    Exhaust Blowing

    Use caution if using silicone near the lambda sensor it can poison them. http://www.ceradexproduct.com/techniquedetails.asp?id=12&edition=2 .Symptom of Poisoned or Damaged Sensors -Lead Poisoning Lead composite in the fuel may damage casing body as well as ceramic element inside. Immediate action to replace sensor and use only lead free fuels. -Excessive Carbon / Soot Deposits Soot produced by incomplete combustion of oil may cause blockage of frontal protection tube which lead to unstable and incorrect response time. Immediate action to replace sensor. -Silicone Poisoning Silicone contaminates the ceramic element in oxygen sensor which result in sensor functional failure. Immediate action to replace sensor and to use oxygen safe product.
  11. Redspec

    Wheels Mini Light

    It Is the same, and your English is ok it's your Scottish that needs work
  12. Redspec

    Euro Car Parts Club Discount

    Posting this in chit chat so non-members can see the post as they can't see posts in members benifits. Used them again yesterday, must have saved £70.00 + this year well worth the £15.00 membership for this reason alone. Printed off the account number and sellotaped it to the back of my membership card, just handed him my card and said it's on this account - worked a treat.
  13. Redspec

    Iva/sva Test

    Upload them to photobucket and cut and paste the 'img' link into your post HTH Steve
  14. Redspec

    N E Runout

    Hi Artie, Would have loved to go but the Hood is now Sorn