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  1. Old idea MAY work -- how about a solid rod to a bell crank & then a short Bowden Cable from bell crank to clutch ???
  2. If you're still having trouble locating the exact point at which the fuse blows ----- wire a high wattage filament lamp, solder both filaments of a headlamp bulb together will give 100+ watts ( not wimpy LED ) in place of the fuse --- the motor will still run, but slowly & lamp ( bulb ) will glow at full brilliance once the fault/dead short is reached & motor should stop at that point.
  3. As above , my wife can easily stop Florin with just a Ka master fitted. Pedal feel is great.
  4. Are there no screws at the other end --- it's where the main contacts are.
  5. Dave Watts -- down in Hampshire ( Rhocar member before we left for Cornwall ) was selling a Rocket box on Facebook Market place, maybe just a month ago.
  6. sylvia.fry2

    Fuel line

    Think you may be in the next century before problems -- was told that my solder joints on 28 sec heating oil would fail due to the solder being corroded --when -- maybe in the next few centuries.
  7. Wire fan supply to switched side of starter motor ( fan will get it's "earth" back though starter windings ) & fan will be cut out when cranking engine. ( will help a low power battery ) Wire tell tale light same "earth " & live feed on fan terminal. On Florin at plus 55/60 mph the Fan becomes a poor generator & the tell tale on the dash glows if fan not powered.
  8. Where-ever you put the auto switch add an override switch in parallel & a tell tale light on the dash -- always good to be able to check function or bring in the fan sooner if a traffic jam looms.
  9. Used plastic pipe of same bore as O/D chassis, covered externally with camping mat & a vinyl "sock" "U" shaped to be a tight fit when pressed over the chassis tube. Don't remember how much hot bending required for tube, but it all fitted in the finish without fixings.
  10. Probably too late -- but refurb of the solenoid is quite easy -- it will be burnt contacts which need cleaning. Just be sure to un-solder the coil wire before opening case, should be worth doing as a spare unit.
  11. Could do way with the servo & use a slightly smaller bore master --- we have a Ford Ka cylinder on Florin & brakes are fine, can still lock the fronts.
  12. Don't compromise safety --- but new !!!
  13. Must amend some time, Ian; we have been down in the Tamar Valley for near 2 years. Other problems have occupied our time, but we are still playing.
  14. Would love to come up & put some sticky finger-prints on the mega-motors --- but we are in fog bound Cornwall.
  15. High 6 figure motors will always be over-shadowed by unique hand built creations, been on a ferry to France with a deck full of McLaren & the crowd was with Florin; including the very dishy passenger from said yellow super car. Just saying!!!
  16. Sierra column switches just seen on Facebook -- only £15 + postage -- got to be worth a go, even if wrong year --- can be altered on wiring.
  17. Enlarge the " boot" hole & fit cap flush, If the radius gauge can't reach the edge problem gone.
  18. On Florin we fitted the 2speed mini set --- ( kept quite 'til now ) this removes the hazard of mechanical scissor action which could interfere ( one day ) with behind dash wiring. The biggest gain is a large space for a glove box, which in our case is a Henry Hoover dust bag fitted to the rear of the g/b door. No Help if you're ploughing on with the ford unit which is more efficient in action.
  19. It is possible to strip down the indicator & clean mechanically with a very fine abrasive ( 1000 grit + ) but be very careful. There are electrical contact cleaners available but find they will only help with very light soiling/corrosion.
  20. For those cars old enough that carried a tax disc & holder where is the problem? Photo & fit, will out last the term on the ticket.
  21. Land Rover County screen with all the correct markings, cut to fit the MG Midget frame ( didn't like the RH ) with all the markings showing in bottom right corner --- £ 80 charged by Autoglass. But it was a decade ago.
  22. Can compile a list of places we used when I was area sec --- before moving down to Cornwall 2 years ago.
  23. It was a very accurate cut -- but the parent edge was very hard slag which was best chipped off before dressing smooth; no idea how this type would perform on a flywheel.
  24. Or plasma cutter -- back in the day my little one made short work of cutting through steel -- but only thin 2mm stuff.
  25. Will leave her running in the closed shed, see if that creates a stink ( me outside though ) & clean paper on the floor.
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