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  1. when i was doing my Zetec engine change i needed to remove the ARB, i did what some members on here had done and cut the ARB instead of fitting tie bars, i cut it just to the mounting and welded a big washer on the end to stop it pulling through, i have some pictures if you want to have a go. mark.
  2. hi Longboarder that's excellent, i've got them the wrong way, i'll will try the other way see how it goes. cheers mark
  3. my old setup was servo-less, i've done some research and i have probably got some air in the master cylinder, i didn't fit a bleed nipple to it just a pipe with some solider in the end, i'm just unsure if the pipes are in the right holes. mark
  4. bore size is 20.6 mm, all standard ford sierra brakes, discs front and drums on the rear, the peddle is solid, but when i brake its like they have brake fade, mark
  5. hi i have fitted a Fiat Punto master cylinder, i've bled the brakes and is no air in the system, test drove and the brakes are rubbish, do i have the pipes in the right place? Mark
  6. update, I changed the friction plate to a Mondeo MK 1 and also changed the pressure plate to the Mondeo, all working fine. thanks again for your help Mark
  7. Longboarder, tractor, Thank you. Mondeo plate on it's way. Mark.
  8. I have the 5 speed type 9, didn't think I needed to change the pin as I'm using the larger Capri bearing,
  9. Had the engine out today to check i had it the right way and it was, what clutch set up do you have ?
  10. The zetec plate doesn't fit the gearbox spines
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? The clutch peddle feels normal but I can't get it into any gear, it's a zetec onto a type 9 I have 1.8 flywheel with a sierra friction plate and zetec cover plate with Capri bearing. Mark
  12. Thanks tractor, I couldn't have done it without the help of the club, too many people to mention, so thank you all. Mark
  13. bit of an update, only a few little jobs to do and its ready for the open road....
  14. Hi, Going bike carbs with megajolt, had the engine running this weekend, really pleased with the progress. Cheers....
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