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  1. mwspit1500

    zetec 2B/4 install

    thanks for the replies, ill have a look into the tie-bar conversion... mark.
  2. mwspit1500

    zetec 2B/4 install

    thanks for your help tractor, ill figure something out. mark
  3. mwspit1500

    zetec 2B/4 install

    tractor, did you do anything with the anti-roll bar? mark
  4. mwspit1500

    zetec 2B/4 install

    thanks for the reply tractor, don't think you have the same cross-member and antiroll bar as my car, i was wondering if anyone with the same car as me had done the Pinto to zetec conversion with the race-line sump, i have hopefully put some pictures on to show the problem. cheers, mark
  5. mwspit1500

    zetec 2B/4 install

    gents has anyone put a zetec with race-line sump into a 2B/4...? if so how...? Mark
  6. mwspit1500

    Zetec engine mounts

    thanks for that, i'll give it a go. mark
  7. mwspit1500

    Zetec engine mounts

    Gents My winter project this time round is fitting a Zetec into my 2B/4 My first task is to make the engine mounts, so, my question is, anyone got pictures of theirs? Or maybe drawings. Cheers Mark
  8. mwspit1500

    Rhocar Raffle No 3 April 2018

    571 cheers
  9. mwspit1500

    Rhocar Raffle No.2 March 2018

  10. mwspit1500

    Part Built Gbs Zero

    gents car now sold... cheers mark
  11. mwspit1500

    Part Built Gbs Zero

    Gents car now on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Part-built-Seven-style-kit-car-GBS-Zero-Ford-Zetec-2L-/391825808533?hash=item5b3aa35c95:g:i7sAAOSw8GtZUG1l mark
  12. mwspit1500

    Part Built Gbs Zero

    Gents... "Sensible offers considered" Cheers Mark
  13. mwspit1500

    Part Built Gbs Zero

    Gents i'm selling for a friend, he's wanting £2,750 2L Zetec engine which has a water rail kit bought from Kit Spares. It also has a brand new alternator, bought as part of a fitting kit for the zero. Brand new starter motor purchased from Kit Spares. The engine also has the kit spares plenum which utilises the original throttle body and injection system. It has a Type 9 gearbox, a diff, shortened prop shaft, shortened steering rack. It also has the other bits from the donor car, steering column, column switches. The wheels have some marks as does some of the panels and GRP. Reason for sale is simple. I have kids. I've had it about 9 years. It's become more of a nuisance than the passionate project it started out being. There are other bits included...seat belts, expansion tank, carpet, steering wheel, fuel pumps. Some wiring has been done. cheers mark.
  14. mwspit1500

    Bike Carb Turning / Jetting

    Hi all Ended up taking my car to Clive at autotronix,(thanks maccavvy) I could only just get the car up the trailer ramp it was popping and farting and back firing out of the carbs, but when I picked the car up after Clive had done his magic, what a difference, he's done a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend him for carb tuning. Cheers Mark.
  15. mwspit1500

    Bike Carb Turning / Jetting

    Thanks for the advice... can't get the pictures of my setup to work off my phone ill have to do it when I'm home. Cheers Mark