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  1. I seem to have lost tthe bit about the day any day will do as long as its not the second Wednesday of the month Take care. Allan
  2. Hi Alan, unfortunately I will not be there as we on holiday in Galloway and half a day spent traveling on the A75 is enough so I don't think that I could justify a 366 mile trip and 8 hours at the wheel, As much as I would like to be there as I enjoy the craik and the company, I will resign myself to meeting you all at the next meet. I just hope that Harry is feeling betterand has got that car ready for test. Be good stay safe and see you all soon. Allan
  3. Hi all it's September already, and time for the Monthly meet, We will be at the usual venue of, The Old Farmhouse,Yarm road, Darlington. DL2 1JZ. Hope to see you there from 7pm Best regards Allan
  4. Hi Alan, I will be there at the usual time and lets hope that we get a few more members out. See you Wednesday.
  5. Hi All, it's time for the monthly meeting again, The meet will be held at the usual venue of, The Old Farmhouse, Yarm road, Darlington DL2 1JZ. I will be there from 7-00 pm onwards and look forwards to seeing Members and Friends both old and new Take care and drive safely. ALLAN
  6. Hi Alan, You must have got home all right then. We can swap Newark stories then. See you Wednesday night Allan.
  7. Just a note to any body camping at Newark, I was there on Sunday and the ground was like concrete so make sure you have good tent pegs. Weather looking to be good so see you there. Allan
  8. Hi Danielle, Thank you for that, I have never had so many replys to a post. I will be there pm Friday so will be availible to help set up the stand. Look forward to seeing you all. Allan
  9. Hi,All the next extra North East meeting will be the usual venue of the, Old Farmhouse, Yarm road,Darlington,DL2 1JZ. At the usual time of 7 00 pm on Wednesday 13th July, hope to see as many members as can make it. The weather is forcast to be fair so see you there Regards Allan
  10. Cheers Alan, Thank you for that I will be going down on the Friday PM and camping so give me ring when you arrive and we can get a beer for your Birthday. Take care and have a safe journey down Best regards Allan
  11. Hi all, will we be having a stand at the Newark show this year, if we are do we have a stand number yet,also a map for the camping ground would be helpful as the show site is a bit vague. It would seem that there is a lot on that weekend so will many member be attending. Hope to see you there and maybe the sun will shine. Allan
  12. Hi Alan, if you can't drink and drive do you want a cake instead. Hope to see you guys there and hopefully the weather will be kind to us all. Stay safe,Best regards Allan
  13. The next North East extra meeting is to be held at the usual location of, The Old Farmhouse Public house, Yarm road,Dalington. DL2 1JZ. You will note that the day has changed to Wednesday's to enable more members to attend. All members and friends are welcome if you have a Kit or are looking to build or buy, Come along and meet us for a chat and the wealth of information to help you. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Regards Allan RSVP please
  14. Hi Allan, I hope that you enjoy your holidays and that the weather is kind to you,are you taking the Kit? I will give Harrry a ring to see if he is going to look out and if any other Members are thinking of going can they post a note on here to let us know how many might turn up. Have a good time and see at the next meet. Allan.
  15. Hi, Harry yes you are correct got the dates wrong hope to see you there. Big apologies for the fopar Regards Allan
  16. Hello to you all, Firstly can I say a big thank you to all the members of the committee and Partners, Who gave up their time to organise our presance at Stoneleigh show. I had a great time and it was nice to see both old and new Members. I am looking forward to the Newark show and maybe a bit better weather. Well done to you all. Our North East extra meeting is planned for Thursday12th May at the usual venue of the Old Farmhouse Yarm road DL2 1JZ. Following discussions I would like to move the meeting to Wednesday 11th May to see if we can attract more members to attend. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this please let me know. So hoping to see you at the Old Farmhouse on the 25th. Stay safe and regards Allan Dates revised due to brain fade auto fil I think sorry I still hope to see you all there regards Allan
  17. Hi Alan, I will be there at the appointed time hope the the weather holds fair for the weekend as I've bought my tickets to camp come what may. Hope to see some new faces as well See you there regards Allan
  18. Sad news indeeed, My thoughts to all His family and Friends. May He Rest in Peace.
  19. Hello all you North East Hoodies, Our extra meeting is on Thursday 14th April at the Old Farmhouse, Yarm road, Darlington. DL2 1JZ. I'll be there from 19 00 hope that you can make it, the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny. Hope to see you there, so take care and drive safe. Best regards Allan. RSVP if you can
  20. Hi Alan, I will be there I have an appointmet on tuesday to get my gold fillings removed,to pay for some fuel. I hope that it will be enough to get me there and back with enough spare to get a glass of water. Hope that we get a good turnout now that the weather is getting better. Stay well and drive safe,and see you soon Allan.
  21. Hello all you North East Hoodies, our March meeting will take place at the Old Farmhouse, Yarm road, Darlington DL2 1JZ. I will be there from 7 00 pm and look forward to seeing both Old and New members. Lot's to talk about Stonleigh and Newark to mention just a couple. So come out and celebrate the real start of 2022 before we can no longer afford it. So take care and travel safe. Allan
  22. Hi Alan, Hope to be there weather etc permitting hope that we can get some responce from some of newer Members. Allready started sorting out arrangements for Stoneleigh, roll on summer. Take care and stay well see you all Wednesday. Regards. Allan.
  23. Good evening to you all, I am pleased to announce that our extra meeting will take place at the usual time and place, The Old Farmhouse,Yarm road,,Darlington. DL2 1JZ. Thursday 10th February 19 00 till when. Hope to see both old and new member's R.S.V.P if you can. Best Regards ALLAN
  24. Hi Harry sorry to hear that you have all been stricken but glad that you all got to the other side. I hope that it will all be sorted by next month or I'll have forgotten where to go. I expect that Alan will still be racking up the miles safely I hope. Lookin forwards to seeing you all soon so stay warm and safe. Allan
  25. Hi there fellow Hoodies, I hope that you have all recovered from the excesses of last year and are looking forward to this New Year. Unfortunately we have decided to postpone our first meeting of 2022, due to the uncertainty regarding the new rise in covid cases and whether the venue will still be availible next week, I know that you will all be heart broken not to see my smiling face but I am afaid that you will just have to wait. Joking aside I hope that you all stay well and we can resume our meetings in the none too distant future. Best wishes to one and all and look forward to meeting members both Old and New in the year to come. Regards Allan
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