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  1. Well Hermit "One" this is "Hermit" two what a grand idea, Will you be sending out directions as I am not sure I can remember the way. Joking aside I think that is a great idea and would be great to meet some of the new members that have joined this last year is there a way that we can contact them direct to tell them of the restart. Look forward to seeing you and the rest of the gang as I need to get out more. Take care and see you soon Allan
  2. Nice to get some good news for a change. Newark was my first taste of RHOCaR and dispite the flying Gazebo I've never looked back. Hope to see you all soon Best regards Allan
  3. Hi Mark. Welcome to the club I might have one up on the location your car looks very nice and look forward to get the chance to see it soon. Regards Allan
  4. Hi Harry, I think that it is just a big net and 4 bits of rope, maybe cheaper to buy Sarah a pair of wicket keeper gloves. Seriously though they are quite often just two plates with a large hole and the bottom half removable so you can drop the prop shaft off. Keep smiling mate and see you soon. Allan
  5. I will miss the meet but in these unprecdented time I can only echo Harrys sentiments, Shame that Stoneliegh has been postponed but on the bright side it might be warmer when the date is announced. Keep your pecker up and see you all soon Allan and Pebbles
  6. Hi Martyn, we meet in Darlington on the second Thursday of the month, We also meet at Durham on the last Wednesday of the month, Just look out for the post from Alantoon about a week before. Best regards and hope that you can make it. Allan
  7. The March meeting will be held on Thursday 12th March at the Old Farmhouse, Yarm road, Darlington DL12 1JZ . I will be there from 7 ish, Would like to meet some of the latest batch of new members in the region so hope to see you there. Best regards Allan
  8. Hi Alan, I will be there, Sorry for the late reply but I have been in the Mancave honing the rails on my Sleigh and polising the dogs harnesses with go faster 5w 30w sleigh oil . Then I come out into the light and the snow has gone so I have to go back into the Mancave to prepare the blessed canoe which I had just put away. Joking aside hope to see you all there and any new guys who might turn up. Take care see you tomorrow Allan.
  9. Thanks for that Trevor, I hope you and Linda have a good time up there and hope the weather does not ruin your time away. Best regards Allan
  10. February Adhoc Northeast Meeting. This mounths meeting takes place at the usual venue of, The Old Farmhouse, Yarm road,Darlington, DL2 1JZ. All members welcome both new and old as it would be nice to meet some of our latest members. Hoping to see on Thursday night 7 30 onwards. Regards Allan
  11. Hi Alan, I will see you on Wednesday and hopefully Harry and some of our new members Hoping the weather is fine so drive safely. Regards Allan
  12. Happy New Year to you All. I hope that you all had a good festive season, So now we find ourselves in a new decade, And its time for our ADHOC meeting it is at the usual time 1900-1930 until we go home.. The Old Farmhouse public house. A67 Airport road, Darlington DL2 1JY Look forward to seeing old Members and some new ones. Hope to see you there best regards. Allan
  13. Hi Alan. Thanks for your mail the forecast is looking bad so here's hoping. Did you get the PM that I sent you, Harry has been in hospital which was why he was not able to get to the meet. I tried to text you but it would not send so I must have your phone number wrong. So hopefully you can make it if not I will see you next year . Have a great time over Christmas break and hope that the weather is a bit better. So best regards From Pebbles and Allan
  14. Hi its that time again as this is the last meeting before christmas it would be nice to see you all I believe that that there is somthing else going on the same evening but it will not close the Pub and it may be the last time till spring comes along if the forcasted winter weather comes. If you cannot make it I lookforward to seeing you all in the New Year. So Merry Christmas to all you Hoodies out there in Kit Car land and see you at Stoneleigh 2020. Best regards to you all and be well . Allan Old Farmhouse Public house A67 Airport road Darlington DL2 1JY
  15. Hi Alan. I am back from my hols and just about dried out, Will see you at the Mouse hopefully I will not need the boat. Lets hope that a few more of the members will turnout for the last 2019 meet. Take care and remember to drive round the puddles. Allan
  16. Hi you all. As I have managed to get away at last I will not be at our meet on thursday,and as the weather forcast is a bit on the poor side I think it best to cancel the meet, So I hope to see you at the Mouse on the 27th so plenty of notice to get to the meet. Best regards to you all and take care in the puddles. Allan
  17. Hi Alan. I hope to be there at usual time might be able to bring new member to bolster the turn out. Hopr that you are well and the weather is kind to all . Allan
  18. Good Morning to you all, It's that time again our usual meeting will be at the Old Farmhouse Public House , Yarm road, Darlington. DL2 1JZ The airport road. I will be there from 7pm ish, I see from your post Alan that you and Harry will be coming so I hope also that some of the newwer Member can manage to come as well. I hope that there will be a break in the weather and that we get a bit of Autum sunshine so hope to see as many as possible. Drive safe. Allan
  19. I saw the above noted in the latest edition of our excelent magazine, Myself and a couple of friends have attended the restoration show at the NEC, but the cost increases are making it a very expensive day out. So is this a new show or is it somthing that we just have not heard about before, And is it worth neck end of 400 mile and about 7 hours drive, So if you have been or heard of it can you post your recollections' of the last one you visited. Thanks a lot regards Allan
  20. Good morning to you all it's time for the latest Darlington Meet. Usual place The Old Farnhouse, Yarm road, Darlington DL2 1JZ .A67 Airport road. I will be there from just after 7pm it would be nice to meet some of the members who have never been to a meet. Hope that the weather gods are good to us and hope to see you there. Drive safe. Allan
  21. Hi Alan I will be there as I need to get my holiday form signed by you. Hope that all the other Northeast Hoodies can find the time to get There. See you usual time and hope for some Best regards Allan
  22. Hi guys it's that time again Darlington meeting at the Old Farmhouse Yarm road Darlington DL2 1JZ. Weather forcast is quite good so come and join us and put Faces to the names and it would be nice to see all you new members. I will be there from about 7 ish looking forward to seeing you Allan
  23. Hi Alan and Ship ahoye. I am just putting the last coat of tar on my Ark ready for the voyage to the port of Church Mouse on Wedneday, I am just waiting for the up todate Charts from the ADMIRALTY and for permission to sail. Hope that you are well and dry look forward to seeing you and the rest of the northeast Hoodies. Take and have a safe drive down Allan P.S. It's suposed to be sunny on Wednesday.
  24. Hi Alan. It was good to see you and l am glad that you made it home safe and sound, Have you ever thought about writing a book Diversion a Guide to the back Street's of Newcastle. I will see you at the Church Mouse meet all the best. Allan
  25. Belated reminder for the Darlington meet on Thursday night at, The Old Farmhouse, Yarm Road Darlington DL12 1JZ All are welcome and hope to see you there sorry it's a late post but laptop lost its curser. Regards Allan
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