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  1. Just looking for some opinions really, I’m doing a bit of rewiring and dash work and I thought as I’m in there do I take out the heater matrix and wiring etc .
  2. Thanks Harry yes it’s an option! I did think of fabrication as the market is so limited for options and it’s a kit car so makes sense but a bit concerned how strong they would be over time being welded. I’m sure if they had a cup system and weld! Should be good, could you possibly send me some contact details of this guy I might see if I can post them to him. Regards Andy
  3. Hello, I’m after some advise on replacing the coil overs on my RH,, was sierra donor car! how do I know what size will fit are they standard sizes? I’m trying not to waste to much money on the wrong parts Thanks in advance Andy
  4. Thank you, you have confirmed my thoughts on the matter. Yes it looks like a lot of work has gone in to aligning and cutting the metal etc. I was thinking last resort would be putting tread plate over the hole and starting again. Hopefully in time one will pop up in my search I have foind the exact match it’s actually a fuel cap Yamaha use on there yzf models managed to purchase A new one from Amazon for £20 . Thank for the input guys much appreciated I’m sure it won’t be long until I need more help.
  5. Hello I’m new to the kit car game and recently have purchased my first RH I’m very happy with it, there are a few things I’d like to change upgrade etc as you do. Im handy with a spanner but sourcing parts seems to be my nemesis. Her is my issue My fuel filler cap is tired and the rubber is perished making it look untidy. I would like some advise or direction on finding a replacement please . The diameter is 105mm
  6. New to the kit car scene and I’m addicted already 😬. Can’t wait to pull him apart and put him back together 

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