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  1. enforcer

    Stoneleigh ... After The Event

    Well done to everyone who supported the club at the show. We came first thing on Monday, expecting it to be rammed, but by midday had bought everything we wanted to get, seen everything and coming back to no more than about 20 cars on the RH area decided to go home. Was it better attended on Sunday? I recall over 200 one year. I imagine that if it had been a wash-out instead of glorious weather the attendance would have been terrible. So many traders that came year after year just weren't there any more, and very little to see other than sevens and cobras. I have been to Stoneleigh every year for the past 14 years and never seen it so poorly attended. Sad to see but I seriously wonder whether the show will go ahead next year. Perhaps a sensible move would be to relocate to a more appropriate venue more suited to the current scale of the event?
  2. enforcer

    Eeekkk Mot Day!

    Had my MOT yesterday ... 12th pass on the trot from the same people who helped me set it up before SVA. Always draws a crowd in the garage and they do their very best to make sure I drive out each year with the ticket ... carb tweak and a headlight beam nudged this year ;-) Shame it was raining though! The MOT inspector can't fit in the car so relied on me to operate the switches and brake rollers.
  3. enforcer

    Coventry Motofest 2-3 June 2018 - Club Stand Numbers

    Yep. I'd be up for this
  4. enforcer

    Hydro Dip Recommendations

    Can't recommend these guys highly enough: https://www.wickedcoatings.co.uk/ They dipped some trim panels for my Jag .. I was so impressed I wrote a testimony article: https://www.wickedcoatings.co.uk/jaguar-xf-sportbrake Plus they're good enough for Edd and Mike
  5. enforcer

    Glue On Stainless Panel

    Hmm ... don't these stainless panels have a very thin plastic coating on them IIRC? Just wondering if an aggressive solvent could strip this away? Just remembering threads where people have tried to polish the panels and ruined them because of the coating? I would suggest trying the hot air path first and a more gentle cleaner first such as meths.
  6. enforcer

    Rolled Hood Cover

    After struggling to find a convenient solution to carrying the wet weather gear around - and not being willing to pay Caterham prices I asked a local guy with his own business to make one up for me. Dave Shade is based in Telford and works from his home, working wonders with leather / vinyl repairs and making bespoke covers / bags etc. When I wanted some beading sewn in to the front edge of my hood to enable it to be slide fitted into the awning rail with which I use to fit the Surrey top, he was able to do this and get it back to me within 24 hours. Here is the finished article which I am really impressed with: The quality of materials and the finish is superb. Having prototyped this one Dave can easily make these for anyone who is interested - the dimensions can be adjusted by him to suit any type of RH or Seven ... and will make you one for £50. If you're interested mention the club and me! ;-) Have a look at his website and facebook pages (Dave Shade Ltd) - he can make anything you can think of and there is plenty of scope for us kit car builders to find quality craftsman like this to make the bits we need without ripping us off! https://www.acecovers.co.uk/ Richard
  7. It's true! We are human after all ;-) To be fair, when I was on traffic I was more inclined to give positive feeback than b*llockings - and usually as an excuse to admire someone's motor ... No prizes for why they were loitering in the vicinity of an ice cream van. Speaking of which, did you hear that police were investigating the death of an ice cream salesman, found flat out in the back of his van, covered in sprinkles, flake and hundreds and thousands? They reckon he topped himself. :-)
  8. Just you take it steady there fella Licences can be short-lived, but so can life itself.
  9. enforcer

    For Sale - At Stoneleigh Tomorrow (Mon)

    Yes Dave
  10. enforcer

    For Sale - At Stoneleigh Tomorrow (Mon)

    Yep, sorry Dave. Your exhaust manifold is still going great guns though
  11. enforcer

    For Sale - At Stoneleigh Tomorrow (Mon)

    Hi Tony .. I did bring it back from Stoneleigh but had a PM last night from another interested party. If they decide they don't want it in the interim I will let you know ;-) Rich
  12. enforcer

    For Sale - At Stoneleigh Tomorrow (Mon)

    Cheers Andy. I aim to be there first thing - red/stainless 2B with hood and chequered flag grill ;-)
  13. enforcer

    For Sale - At Stoneleigh Tomorrow (Mon)

    No worries Zach - give me a shout tomorrow
  14. Not sold at Stoneleigh and still available:....PM me if you're interested Shortened type 9 (sierra 5 speed) gear lever with quickshift kit fitted and saddle bush included - £25 POTENTIALLY SOLD... Unmolested type 9 lever as removed - £15 STILL AVAILABLE Moulded demister vents - new and unused - £10 - STILL AVAILABLE Mechanical temp gauge complete with sender holder - £25 - STILL AVAILABLE All going on ebay at the weekend so first dibs for hoodies still! Rich
  15. enforcer

    Weston Park At Easter

    Hope to be there Monday - in convoy with son's 1966 Ashley GT Sprite. Haven't pre-registered but apparently as long as you pay the full entry price you can ask for 'show parking'...