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  1. I had the same problem when I needed to replace the Sierra master cylinder on my 1985 reg Exmo. They appeared not to exist. Similar Sierra ones were available but would have required re plumbing the brake lines to suit the configuration of the brake pipes. In the end I sourced a seal kit and replaced the seals and it's been OK since I'm not sure whether I can locate the details, but if I can I will let you know Hope you find a solution Malcolm
  2. Think that we may be mixing two separate (but linked) exemptions. For road tax exemption it's 40 years. For MOT exemption it's also 40 years, but provided the car hasn't been substantially modified in the last 30 years. There is a specific reference to kit cars in the guidance. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/670431/vehicles-of-historical-interest-substantial-change-guidance.pdf Might be wrong but that's how I think it works..... Malcolm
  3. On our local planning authority pages there is an 'Interactive planning map' where you can enter a postcode or address and then tick individual boxes to show any current planning applications, old applications, green belt areas, tree preservation orders and lots of other things that I don't understand (S106 etc) Anyway if there is a similar map on the site of your planning authority it might help. (By the way I knew it was there but it took me a while to find it as the navigation isn't too clear) Malcolm
  4. emptyat


    Bit more expensive to buy new, but these appear to be decent units https://www.t7design.co.uk/products/heating/heaters.html (bought one to replace the old smiths heater in my TR3) Malcolm
  5. "Kit cars and amateur built vehicles first used on or after 1 August 1998 are required to obtain either Single Vehicle Approval (SVA) or Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) and should be tested to the limits stated on the vehicles registration document (V5c). Where no limits are stated on the registration document, normal limits must be applied relative to the vehicles date of first use." I don't think that the regs apply to when the donor was first used but to when the kit was first used, otherwise the above quote from the full manual (section 8 ) would be meaningless,
  6. GDPR has been seen as a big problem in a lot of car clubs, but this example illustrates why it is so important. Although the file is now deleted, no one knows who might have accessed it and downloaded it, once it's been in the public domain the club loses complete control of the data. The link to the ICO page is very helpful and no doubt the committee will review the matter in accordance with the guidelines and decide urgently whether it needs to be reported. (Sorry, almost a duplicate of the post above...)
  7. Bob, Thanks for organising the raffle. It did indeed keep us interested and entertained (and thanks twice over because my prize arrived this morning!) Thanks again Malcolm
  8. emptyat

    Banner Batteries

    Like you I always thought of Banner as a premium brand, but my experience has been mixed. A new Banner on the RH performed poorly and I took it back to their import base in Rugeley to have it tested and was told that it was OK. So I checked all the connections and the starter but there was no improvement until eventually it failed and was replaced by another brand with an immediate improvement. A Banner battery on my Subaru lasted just longer than the warranty, but one on the old Landrover lasted well, so mixed experience, but I wouldn't buy Banner in preference to any other brand anymore. Malcolm
  9. I'm afraid that I still don't get it. Why then does 4.10 say '4.10 Kit cars and reconstructed classic cars undergoing IVA will not be required to meet WLTP, given that at present they are not required to meet NEDC or the latest EU standards. Instead they are tested to age-appropriate MOT standards, on the basis of the date of manufacture or first use of the engine.'
  10. I didn't think that IVA was an issue. 4.10 on the first post seems to say that IVA won't be affected. However MOT will be if the changes come into force. The whole document is here https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/678209/road-vehicles-improving-air-quality-and-safety.pdf
  11. Thanks for that, (well maybe thanks cos you cost me £40!!)
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