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  1. Thank you very much, that looks very good, what is your dash made from
  2. DPC


    There is actually 2 pipes for the rear as well on this Ka block.
  3. Thanks for your reply we do appreciate it. don't worry about the steering wheel its not in its final position but good point and noted. has you got a picture of a dash that is full length, we would love to see one please.
  4. yes we can do that but what do we do with the rest of the front. the dash is only 40% of the area
  5. We have offered the bonnet onto the chassie but we have and 25mm gap please see photos. Any suggestions how to fill this gap would be helpful
  6. DPC


    We have purchased Ka master cylinder with out servo Please see photo I presume pipes nearest the steering wheel go to the rear wheels and the ones nearest the radiator go to the front wheels. Also do the front wheel brake pipes need to both be the same length.
  7. DPC

    Wiring diagram

    Well thank you everyone I did enjoy your comments, More research is needed.
  8. DPC

    Wiring diagram

    We have a Robin hood 2B with 2lt Pinto. Not one wire on it. I am going to do my loom from scratch Has anyone go a decent Wiring diagram, all the ones I can see are far to complected. Ps never done anything like this before,
  9. DPC


    Thanks, I will buy a new KA master cylinder.
  10. DPC


    We have a Robin Hood 2B Dona 1985 Sierra which we are trying to build. We have 2 problems the master cylinder is US and the brake servo is too big and hits are 4 into one exhaust Fist questing do I need a brake servo???? Second what car master cylinder do I look for Got to scrap yard this weekend what do I look for.
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