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  1. Nothing in particular. Got a track day next week and looking to strip down and give it a good going over after
  2. Hi guys, I imagine this has been asked a million times but can’t seem to find one using the search tool.. I’m struggling to find a service manual for the 2l pinto engine..anyone have one on pdf file? Bring back the good old Haynes manuals I say.... Tia
  3. Cheers lads i've got a cover coming tomorrow from carcovers. I like the idea of a tunnel but don't have the room to split her from her trailor .. Bought her saturday ,cant wait to get her out there!! Booked mallory for the 12th hopefully but i doubt it 20210130_120651.mp4
  4. Hi All, Not sure if this is in the right section but i've just purchased a robin hood 2b track car. Unfortunatley due to being a peasant it can't be stored in a garage. I need a decent weatherproof cover for her. Question is where is a good place to buy from with quick delivery. I've been looking at westy/caterham covers but unsure whether they are the same size. Any help is apreciated.
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