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  1. Hi I’m interested in getting singe carb and manifold for my 2.0 pinto sick of the twin Weber 40s had the car 2.5 years and still not a good runner any for sale cheers
  2. Thanks guys what model Land Rover and do you have a pic I can see please
  3. Where can I get these cheap I’ve seen used for 40 on eBay cheers
  4. Ok cheers guys I’ll just leave it then just a shame to pay when the car only gets used handful of times a year
  5. Thanks I was just thinking if I could take vin plate and reg from a Mk 3 cortina or something I could have tax exempt
  6. Hello I brought my first Robin Hood 3a around two years ago and my road tax is like 25 a month is there a way we’re I can make it cheaper it’s more for tax than insurance £144 for insurance for year
  7. Great thanks for all your help il get on it tomorrow and see what I can do
  8. This is my first kit car and the wipers only go half on to the driver side I see pics of other cars and there on the other way I don’t no what I need to do to change this can anyone help please
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