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  1. After all the concerns about the aluminium chassis my problem is with the rear hub carriers. bolts were tight so are the driveshafts too long and can I get replacements?
  2. I like these. not sure if they would work? http://www.ringautomotive.co.uk/uk/products/Commercial/Lighting+Units/Forward+Lighting/RTM8014
  3. E.Hunt

    Towing Eyes

    Thanks Chris just what I need
  4. E.Hunt

    Towing Eyes

    thanks for the replies guys. like the look of the trs staps might give them a ring to see if they do longer versions as the ones i've looked at seem finish under the nose cone from were i could attach it.
  5. E.Hunt

    Towing Eyes

    Ok don't laugh. I'm going to do a second track day with my lightweight but the scrutineers said before I can go again I've to have Towing eyes in case I go into the gravel. Question is how to fit the front one to miss the nose or can i have a hoist strap thing that I could remove afterwards
  6. Phew Just come across this and thought you had made a trailer tent out of a LightWeight
  7. have fitted a 1.8 sivertop to my lightwieght (similar dimensions) the black plastic inlet manifold obstructs the steering shaft and the early ally manifold is too tall (had to raise the bonnet by 30mm). My ecu is from a 94 Mondeo as it doesnt have PATS and made the wiring easier. I'll try to find my wiring notes try this site http://www.fiestaturbo.com/forums/pin-out-on-deep-desk-dewy-vt183145/
  8. I've have one in the shed that I used for my SVA. No horn any more as I've used it on the kit.Can get it to Basildon if its any help to you..
  9. so the earth strap has the isolating switch in it. Seems a lot easier than i thought.
  10. Drove the kit to work last Thursday, overcast morning so had headlights on.Go to go home at the end of the day and embarrassingly no battery juice left. I seem to have 4 options. 1, Have the lights switch off with the ignition. 2, a buzzer when key is removed (have this on indicators) 3, a timer to turn off the lights after a period of time. 4, don't use the car unless its very sunny your thoughts on the best solution.
  11. I was going to reply but the other spam setting deleted the e-mail
  12. E.Hunt


    Just to add My son & I had a great time meeting up with fellow hoddies old & new (and their beer). And will have to remember ear plugs next time to stop that cross wind making me deaf.
  13. If you want to see a Lightwieght in the flesh I shall be at Stoneliegh over the weekend. Then you can deside if all the modifications you need to do is worth the investment. GDC is possiblely the best person to speak to.
  14. 1st drive today and I cant stop smiling even as the engine is down on power and the sump leaks like a sieve. Jobs to do when the weather not good.
  15. Hi Graham Not sure what meets I'm doing this year,all abit in the air.Hope to see you and the rest at one of them. Untill I've taken the first drive going to leave my tag line as is!
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