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  1. Can you put up a picture? On Florin the boot is a very close fit, so much so that if not in its correct position moving the clutch lever moves the boot. Maybe yours is incorrect or were there differing types?
  2. Can't see why the cover wont fit as it is only a little bigger than the protruding arm -- Florin wears hers & cannot re-call it being difficult to fit.
  3. fry61

    Makes a change

    Full size, with a stack of 45's ??
  4. NOT if the seat breaks free under you.
  5. Without knowing what switches are fitted I'm guessing about yours. Florins switches were wired centre feed & the contact terminal either side was the feed out to the load ( either fan speed resistors or lamps ) This will not be much help as there are numerous switch configurations. What terminals & markings are on the rear of your switches?
  6. Could try putting more resistance in series with the present set-up. Try adding a low wattage lamp cut into the sender wire between sensor & gauge. May indicate which way you need to go with sensor resistance, if the gauge shows less than FSD with this temporary rig; sensor value is too low. This is not a permanent fix, as its a variable resistance required.
  7. We re-used the Sierra visors, very useful with low sun & no roof.
  8. All above makes our kits so much more use-able & safer. I don't wish to be followed by a wiper-less car when it's raining, how the hell does the driver cope -- there is a limit to how much screen the passenger can clean; unless sat on the bonnet. ( Interesting excuse when stopped by lilly law --- " no problem, officer; she's just keeping the screen clear " )
  9. Great story Mark, a good "one liner " for the yooff of to-day --- what-ever we old'uns did " back in the day " before yesterday YOU will be paying for as we will probably have died. Same as this lock-down crisis -- it's the young & their children who will be paying for all the present government hand-outs' cause the government has no money other than that collected in taxes from ----- YOU the workers, present & future.
  10. So what's with the mohican green skid-lid Andy, just window dressing for the passenger seat? All weather motoring in this country needs windscreen, wipers,washers & a HEATER. Been on the road down to Cornwall & on top of Applecross Pass in Scotland in temp of -2*. Comfort is also a safety thing --- can't focus or the road if you're blasted by rain or shivering with cold. But then I am a lot older than that young blooded Andy.
  11. fry61

    1st time turn over

    The contacts are badly pitted, need filing flat with a single cut file & what else ?? You gave it a go & can't get a good result but at least you tried. ( Brain surgery by this method is not recommended.)
  12. fry61

    1st time turn over

    It is possible to open the crimp, small chisel & pliers BUT be sure to un-solder the coil terminal first. A smear of silicon around the joint on re-assembly. New starter purchased ? Then cut the solenoid apart any-ways, may prove/disprove all above; will be interesting to know.
  13. fry61

    1st time turn over

    And don't use the B352 when raining.
  14. fry61

    1st time turn over

    The missing brush spring & all that crap will be a major part of your trouble. It is possible to strip, clean & re-assemble the solenoid ( can't say for certain if yours would ) but if you decide the present one is duff what is there to loose --- just an hour or two of time -- which most of us have a'plenty at present. Just ensure you un-solder the solenoid coil wire ( on the outside of the unit ) before opening the metal can. Touching wood/rabbits feet & such like. I stripped & rebuilt Florin's solenoid several years ago & no trouble since. What Maca says above is true, but where is your sense of adventure -- it's not rocket science --- just a big relay.
  15. Not required but like auto cancel on indicators very nice to have, saves feeling a right muppet when continually flashed by others & you wondering what the hell is their problem.
  16. Its got a windscreen fitted --where are the wipers!!!
  17. fry61

    1st time turn over

    With a good battery in parallel with a running car I would have hoped for a higher voltage. Only problem is bench test will not be on load, free spinning will only draw a fraction of the current & may not show faulty internals. While on the bench though, try connecting direct to the motor ( by-pass the solenoid ) Have found several times in the past that its burnt contacts in the solenoid giving the trouble, depends on solenoid type its fairly easy to strip down & clean the contacts, give a light lub. & remove all the wear debris. My wife has just brought another coffee in & suggests " Hit it with a Big Hammer" --- has been known to cure a lot of car ills, its how we got home from Spain one year when Florin's injector pump played silly beggars.
  18. Would another option be a different master cylinder to alter pedal effort/ brake effect or go to the gym & strengthen leg muscles. Though back & seem to remember discs all round on most of our cars was too much rear braking.
  19. My design but unfortunately not my welding.
  20. Think all Florin's switches came from CBS & yes have had one ON-OFF-ON switch fail controlling the driving lights ( 2 x 55 watt halogen) Put that failure of one make contact down to the dash gets wet if raining & condensation in frosty weather. All the power required in Florin is via relays ( Ford from donor ) so switch overload is not the problem,as said all others O.K. During this enforced period of kit idleness we have had corrosion problems on the column stalks, but all cleared after a few operations & again they all feed just the control relays. Couldn't afford £15/20 /switch when building Florin --- spent all the "spare" cash on bling wheels & exhaust
  21. One relay & a push to make switch is all that is required to control any number/wattage of fog lights. Connect lights & one side of relay coil to relay output live, Other side of lights & coil to earth.Feed to relay from ing. live Push to make switch is supplied from main dip/main beam supply & feeds coil live side. When fogs required press switch, relay coil energised & remains so when switch is released because the relay is now closed; when ign or lights are switched off relay will drop out & it need the push switch to be closed before fogs can come on again. Can probably be test wired on the bench quicker than I type, any old ( working ) relay will do & a push to make switch. Done for little or no money depends on your "may come in handy box." NOT a flasher relay -- stupid boy.
  22. fry61

    1st time turn over

    Measure the voltage across the battery when cranking ( a minimum of 11 volts I would suggest is O.K ) or ask a friend with jump leads to connect his battery in parallel with yours while cranking ( keep his engine running at a fast idle.
  23. When were these pictures taken, Dave?
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