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  1. Just have remove the indicator and you have access to the fixing for the headlight.
  2. I’m in need of a voltage regulator for my mk5 Cortina instrument panel. Has anyone got any idea who sells them.Thanks Nick.
  3. Don't wait for your Boat to come in, Swim out to meet the bloody thing!! Barry Sheene's favourite saying.
  4. That must be me then.I'll have them.Nick.
  5. Hi Andy. I'm interested in the 5th link replacment.My cars lasted nearly 20yrs without it but i think now's the time to do it. Let me know if it's still available. Nick.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Will try Star as they are local.Got an enforced off road as some low life broke two sheets of roofing on garage right above car letting rain into car.All carpets seats and trims are nice and mouldy.Slight damage to skuttle where one sheet landed.So now's seems a good time to do all those jobs i've been putting off.
  7. Hi all. Finally decided to get my pinto head converted to unleaded as the valve seals need replacing(not good when starting up in street with exhaust aiming at open shop door!)Does anyone know of a good machine shop in Maldon/Chelmsford area.Thanks Nick.
  8. Hi Justin, Haven't had to use my S7 in snow but my first kit was a Dutton Phaeton which i had to use all year round for five years.I found i had to put weight in boot to help traction.Even with this the fen roads were very testing(but great fun).Nick.
  9. suzi1074

    Fantasy F1

    I'm in.Let the battle begin.Vroom Vroom!!
  10. Have you tried contacting the seller. It could be a fault he's familiar with.
  11. suzi1074

    S7 Chassis Number

    I built my S7 in 1993.All i had to do was make up my own chassis no. which i stamped on to a piece of stainless plate and then rivotted on.The car was on a Q plate.
  12. Hi all, I need to replace the body work on my S7. It's looking a bit battered after two prangs (not my fault honest).The thing is the bodywork wraps all around the back of of car. Anyone got any suggestions for replacements. Thanks in advance. Nick.
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