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  1. Hi Andi, I don't think I could eat all the salad !!!! All being well I'll see you there. Steve
  2. Looks like the club might have folded - I've tried to contact them & the emails bounce back. Doesn't look like there's been any activity on the facebook site for a while either.
  3. Hi Andi, I didn't get back from the daughter's until nearly 12 and it was raining here then, so I didn't go. It's not the easiest of places to find because the cars are parked sort of up the side & behind, but did you find the brewery?
  4. I'm hoping to make it - the kit's back together again but apparently I've volunteered to help get a new settee and chairs into the daughter's house on Sunday, problem is that she doesn't know what time it's going to be delivered !!!!!!
  5. I'm thinking somebody is a bit too enthusiastic with the cut and paste here. I'll hopefully be there on 25th August - just so I can moan about the roadworks again !!
  6. Hi Liam, I was planning on using all 5 of them but I do have another one that I put safe somewhere. I've just had a quick look and it wasn't where I thought it was (no surprise) - but if I can find it you're welcome to it That's assuming that just 1 would be of use to you. Steve
  7. Hi Martin, some 2Bs came with a "Vicki Green" loom. Here's the drawing for it ............ If that's the loom you've got you should be able to work things out with the info. about the Sierra from Sparepart above. Good luck, Steve vicki_green_pinto_wiring_loom.pdf
  8. I can find a good home for them ! PM on the way. Steve
  9. Sadly we're not going to be able to make it as I haven't got my engine sorted yet. Steve
  10. Foz


    Hi Nathan, Your easiest option might be to fit a GPS speedo which will only need a 12V supply to it but they don't always work in tunnels, built up areas, under power lines and such. An electronic speedo is easy enough to fit but you will need to fit a sensor somewhere to give it a speed signal. You can maybe fit the sensor near the diff to pick up the propshaft bolts or stick a magnet to the propshaft or a drive shaft for the sensor to detect. Basically you just need a signal from something that moves at a rate proportional to your road speed, (not you engine speed). So anything from the propshaft, through to the wheels will do. If your gearbox still has the speedo drive output, where the drive cable would have fitted, to go to your existing mechanical speedo, then you may be able to find a sensor that picks up on that - I seem to remember you could buy them for type 9 boxes a while ago. Steve
  11. Foz

    Petrol tanks?

    If you have the "standard" 2B tank with the filler on the rear panel you will find you have 2 problems. You obviously know about the problem of having to fill it slowly which has a lot to do with the short pipe and tight bend into the tank. The second problem is that if you do fill the tank and accelerate hard you'll lose the last gallon back out of the filler cap. Try as I might I never got it to seal properly, and I know I'm not the only one. I moved the filler on mine to higher up by the boot lid and then I eventually had a custom tank made so the filler now goes pretty much straight down from the cap to the tank. As Alan's breather tube works well for him it might be worth trying with a bit of pipe to see if it helps. Steve
  12. Foz

    newark show

    I made it over on the Sunday and, as usual, folks were starting to leave around lunchtime. It being the first weekend of the school summer holidays probably wasn't ideal either. I enjoyed the day and picked up a half decent set of taps & dies for a reasonable price. Hopefully they'll keep it going and it will be on again in coming years.
  13. I've had a quick "Google" and a search on here but I can't find a measurement for a standard port. Someone on here will know I'm sure, but 37mm does sound about standard size.
  14. A non-injection head has round inlet ports so there should be no noticeable profile change. If you measure the diameter of your ports it will tell you if they've been enlarged - I think a standard port is just less than 40mm (ignoring the pointy bit) but I haven't got one handy to check so I'm going off memory which is not so reliable these days. I had an injection head, opened up to 45mm for 45DCOE Webers and the ports looked a lot like yours, as I remember. If Bob still has the head in the picture he might be able to measure it for you. You'll find that a lot of people leave the ports rough when they re-work them as it is supposed to help keep the fuel atomised (whatever that means)!
  15. As Bob says, they don't look like standard injection ports but it might be an injection head which has had the inlet ports opened up. There is a hint of a pointy top to them. There should be some letters stamped near No.4 exhaust port and somewhere on here there is a list of what they mean. Sorry but I don't know exactly where, you'd have to do a search. Steve
  16. Thanks for the info Danielle, we should be there on the Sunday. Steve
  17. According to my maths, next resurrection of this topic is due in 2031 !!
  18. Hi Matt, I've sent you a message. Steve
  19. Hi Andi, I'm only coming if I can get there without roadworks !!! All being well I'll see you there, in the kit.
  20. I planning on going on the Sunday - used to be a good show so I'm hoping it won't disappoint. Steve
  21. Yes, I'm just in the middle of a load of decorating at the daughter's. Should have got the worst done in another 2 or 3 days so I'll give you a yell in the week and see what we can sort.
  22. Hi Peter, how do we pay for this ? Steve
  23. Very nice - I might have to pop round and pinch them when you're not looking! I've got my engine back together and I've just taken it round the block. Hopefully it should all be OK now, so we can arrange a meet up if you like. Steve
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