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  1. I would just like to thank everybody for the friendly welcome when we took time out from the Jago stand, excellent burger, thank you Matt, bit disappointed there was no lobster thermidor despite my suggestion earlier in the week...........
  2. Tonka

    Camping ?

    Me and Mrs Tonka were pondering over doing Stoneleigh and because its shut down week at my work staying somewhere between there and the EOSB until the following Friday so we don't have to go back home up t'North, apart from Wicksteed Park is there anywhere else in the area which might be suitable for a trailer tent, or does anybody have an enormous back garden........
  3. SWMBO is currently trying to get out of bringing our eldest grand daughter ( aged 11 going on 21) she wants to come and we were looking forward to a weekend away do you need to know in advance if Sharon runs out of excuses and we have to fetch her.....? P S - for those reading this thinking miserable b*ggers .....at Christmas at least 6 days will be spent babysitting 4 of the kids at their house while their parents go to NY when normally we book a couple of nights away after Boxing Day or I enjoy some quality garage time !!!!!
  4. Tickets booked for me and Sharon, I'm working on the Friday so will probably get there about 7 ish.
  5. Doubt it, more likely to lower it and upgrade my front brakes so I don't have to back off on the bends when we run to the pub plus I need to shave 6 seconds off my Autotest time......
  6. Missed a bit.......I still don't know where to start, when I opened the garage door this morning all I could smell was dried on cr*p......weather permitting I will make a start on the inside tomorrow.
  7. Wanted to say a big thank you to Keith and everybody who helped make the weekend such a success. Myself, Eddie & Tina agreed we hadn't had so much fun in ages even if our Jagos did take a bit of a battering.... This gives you an idea of what we were getting up to when we disappeared down the bottom of the field.... https://www.facebook.com/eddie.ren.184/videos/2228446583852042/ It was great to win the Halfords voucher on Saturday night, I have wasted no time in stocking up on some much needed car cleaning products.....
  8. I am wanting to book my ticket but I need to get my member status upgraded and cant remember my membership number doh!
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