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  1. Yeah its 40s...bought a catch tank as the current set up aint good..even one of the hoses to the 40s manifold was kinked and pushed on...the robin hood in general is more work than i had planned for but will be good when finished
  2. Any ideas as to why my oil dipstick wont stay in block...just went to remove dipstick and the whole thing came out
  3. It currently goes into a reservior bottle...trying to fix it up the way it should be
  4. Ha yes they were very tight and a good amount of heat then unscrewed fairly easy...and right handed thread
  5. Thanks very much for advice....i had another issue as well fuel was not getting to the engine...car had sat in a barn for several years so has mostly been an overhaul...fuel sender is hard to get a hold of though
  6. Andrew Arcaro


    Looking for advice to connect this part of coolant pipe to engine....currently just sits in but doubt thats correct...was thinking circlip but not sure
  7. Anybody any ideas would be appreciated...im hoping it has nothing to do with new starter 20210509_151452.mp4
  8. I have 2b and the fuel pump i have currently is very old with 2 prob connectors although i cant get it to work...wat pumps are you guys using...bit reluctant to change as my tank top has grooved edge with 4 bolts to hold pump sealed closed
  9. Its not castleated nut....flush round with 4 slot gaps and cannot use my impactor as whover fitted it chewed and bashed away...very poor job
  10. Have an issue with lower arm ball joint...badly chewed and turning out to be a right pain to come off....cannot get 35mm socket to unscrew it......any advice out there
  11. Trying to remove lower arm ball joint (screw in type) one side jst will not unscrew....any advice would be great
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