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  1. My block is in the machine shop and will be fitted with oversized pistons to 91.290. I have a ported head with a fast road cam and twin 40 Webber's. Can anyone recommend fuel pump and regulator. Regards Tony
  2. apgodden

    Winter project

    Not a bad days work. Found old core plug in the engine block and broken water pump. Then found end of the dipstick in the sump must have broken off as sump was lowered then found scoring in the bore...... this engine was meant to have been rebuilt 5000 miles ago by ford mechanic..... you just don’t know what you are buying! Most of all love my car, Bloody love this club and it’s members and to do this with my 11 year old son.... priceless
  3. I tried to fit adjustable runners but it made the seats to high. i made cardboard templates and bolted from underneath directly to the seats.
  4. Damper tech want the old springs sent to them so they can make new ones, was trying to buy ones that are available online. Damper tech were very helpful and the ones sent for the front look really good. The amount of money I have spent so far I might as well bite the bullet and pay for the rears.......
  5. I have purchased new front spring and shocks from Damper Tech. I have brand new pair of original shocks and springs. My question is dose anyone know if updated springs can be purchased? many thanks. Tony
  6. Too soon to say but would say I don’t think it’s worth doing unless you change the rubbish original springs. I am talking to Dave at Dampertech. The kit is very good value for money and is well made.
  7. I have bought engine bits from Brands Hatch Performance very helpful people.
  8. Firstly thanks to Richy for advice and photos. Left Salisbury At 07:00 yesterday morning and drove 2 hours to my brothers workshop in Honiton. It was a little chilly. Ripped the front wheel arch and suspension off. Installed the upgrade kit and could not get my 17” wheels on as the wheel arch brackets were sitting too low. With long bars and bits of wood managed to manipulate the arch tubes to the correct position. Happy days. Installed the new orange arches with the adhesive supplied. I did not want bolts on the top of the arch. So adhesive was used to get the position and t
  9. The new starter motor arrived and it has done the trick. Crank sand starts perfectly. In saying this my original starter motor was probably ok as it turned out to be timing issue..... would like to thank everyone for the advice.
  10. That is a interesting theory. The original starter did not conk but was lazy. This is obviously down to timing “Thanks for the advise Ray”. Will see what it dose tomorrow when fitted
  11. Richy, sorry to bother you AGAIN..... What is the tube of Polyurethane Adhesive for in the kit?
  12. Replacement starter motor arriving this afternoon, This has been a nightmare this is my 3rd starter motor from this company. Will let you know how it goes.....
  13. Great Info as always Richy. Steve called me from Kit spares saying that my body panels and suspension upgrade are being sent this week..... Time to get busy
  14. Hi Richy on kit spares there are two versions ET15 and ET35. Do you know what the difference are? thanks Tony
  15. Well that’s it if Richy says upgrade...... upgrade it is..... thanks Richy
  16. Is the double wishbone suspension upgrade from kit spares worth doing on my 2b?
  17. My car needs a mot next month. I need to replace all the ball joints on the front suspension. anyone know which make and model I need for top and bottom ball joints?
  18. Thanks to everyone for the help on this problem. I had a few issues so was not straightforward. moving the timing to 8 degrees at idle has made starting at proper crank speed. i still have a issue and think the new starter motor is defective. A lot of the time just get a clonk from the starter coil and nothing else. A few try’s and she cranks and fires up as it should. have asked the company to send me a replacement Starter motor.
  19. Set it to 8 degrees at idle
  20. It’s definitely timing. Got her running and restarting sounds a Little lumpy. Going to my brothers later who has timing light. i have noticed there is no vacuum pipe to the distributor? Is this needed thanks to all and to Ray.
  21. Have tried this and no difference..... Gremlins.......
  22. Great advice you guys Will try it this morning.
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