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  1. I don't have a spare stalk. There are some cheap ones on ebay at the moment £20
  2. A member from South West Robin Hood Kit Car Club on Facebook has a chassis for sale. Item location is Barnstaple North Devon. £350
  3. It is possible. The issue with mine was the printed circuit board for the hazard contacts were badly worn. Took me ages to find it. The only way would. Be to remove the back cover and termove the hazard button. Be careful to keep the stalk in position. If this comes out it's a bugger to get back......
  4. A big thank you to our club secretary Richy "A true gent" My indicator stalk was causing my hazards issues the circuit board was damaged and its mot time..... Richy came to the rescue who had a spare stalk and posted it to me. All fitted and everything is working OK.
  5. Thanks Ivan. I was wondering what the sensor used as a pickup. Will get a start on it today.......
  6. Anyone installed ETB speedo and sensor. If so any advice and any pictures
  7. Saw these on ebay Good price...... Ebay#185225140047
  8. Has anyone got spare indicator stalk with hazard switch....
  9. Got the hazard switch working. Now the led gremlins look like they are still there. On indication they work fine fully off and then flashes fully on. On hazards front all very dim and then all flash fully on. Rear a few leds slightly on and then all flash fully on..... See videos attached. VID_20211211_100252.mp4 VID_20211211_100234.mp4
  10. Thanks Ian will have to see what's going on with the setup.....
  11. I need to know if the hazard relay is combined with the indicator relay or are the sperate relays? I have already replaced the indicator relay with a led adjustable flasher rate relay. The indicators work fine..... Hazards do mot work.
  12. Is the indicator relay the same relay as the hazards? I have replaced the indicator relay for a led type and indicators are good but hazards don't work.
  13. Time to get. My car mot and my hazards don't work as I have changed to led lights. Is there a led relay I can purchase?
  14. I used Damertech and Dave is a good guy full. Of knowledge.
  15. I am in contact with Stuart trying to help him. He is not too far away from me.
  16. All booked Friday and Saturday pitch 2
  17. Rich completed the exhaust fabrication and very happy with what he has done.
  18. Fodhla, Elliot, Fianna and myself are in...... This time will look at the site plan......
  19. Intercooler in position and fits under nose cone. Awesome work Richard Marsh.
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