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  1. You can try this: Robin hood kitcars identification (rhocar.org)
  2. Every thing is the same one out other in check clutch for ware before you put it in and then find out it don`t work done this about 500 times in my time as a ford mechanic many moons ago now.
  3. Mines a Landover Freelander TD4 , Then Robin Hood , Then a A1 Kawasaki 600R Ninja its 40 years old this year so becomes historic vehicle.
  4. Hi Try this site might help. Dave. RAL Colour Chart (fibreglass.com)
  5. o my god is there anything else the goverment can take more money from people its a joke
  6. hi sorry it took so long to reply the answer is no , done alsorts with pinto engines back in the day was a ford mechanic working with the pinto then on to cvh engines along time ago now .
  7. Try this m8 pinto starter motor products for sale | eBay
  8. 1984 mk3 ford escort 1100 (A163 LWW ) with fancy lights on the speedo If you were driving at normal acceleration they stayed off if you started putting your foot down they would change to amber if you really put your foot down it went to red as i recall i think the car was always ready for me the light was always red , changed clutch once then did a full engine rebuild (ford trained mechanic) as the timing chain started rubbing on the cover put an hole in it and oil used to drip out onto the exhaust manifold looked like the car was on 40 a day, great times.
  9. Hi Disco As far as seals go for master cylinder I found some on e-bay and also a a company that does all manner of brake stuff hope it helps. Dave https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224348977315 1988>93 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143893693240 1982>88 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284066302989 1982>87 https://brakeparts.co.uk/shop/Ford/Sierra PS remember to disconnect the vacuum pipe from the servo or inlet manifold before you start to bleed them.
  10. https://t.me/pump_upp
  11. Hi all I'm looking for a 4 into 1 exhaust for the pinto the type that drops down then sweeps out, They seem hard to get hold of , just wondered if someone had one laying about somewhere that they were happy to part with just dropped a pic so you know the idea of what I'm looking for. Thanks Dave.
  12. Hi yes , that's number 1 then the next clockwise is 3 then 4 then 2 .
  13. HAYNES Manual 0903 Ford Sierra - 1982 to 1993 Service Repair 38345009037 | eBay
  14. Try this guy as a lot of ford stuff, cost's nothing for a e-mail. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/pedrosky666
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