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  1. Hi all I'm looking for a 4 into 1 exhaust for the pinto the type that drops down then sweeps out, They seem hard to get hold of , just wondered if someone had one laying about somewhere that they were happy to part with just dropped a pic so you know the idea of what I'm looking for. Thanks Dave.
  2. Hi yes , that's number 1 then the next clockwise is 3 then 4 then 2 .
  3. HAYNES Manual 0903 Ford Sierra - 1982 to 1993 Service Repair 38345009037 | eBay
  4. Try this guy as a lot of ford stuff, cost's nothing for a e-mail. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/pedrosky666
  5. Daveo

    spark plugs

    the "R" in the plug is for a internal resistor, This was done because of noise been picked up by the car radio from the alternator the original plug for the engine was N9YC Plug gap should be 0.8mm ( 0.032 Thou ) you can use NGK spark plug: Ford SOHC Pinto standard NGKAP6FS.
  6. try this might help Nation-Wide Kit Car Parts For Sale / Wanted | Groups | Facebook Kit Cars And Parts For Sale/Wanted UK | Groups | Facebook they are two diffrent pages but to be honest they more or less have the same stuff.
  7. Hi Deano There's a place in leeds not to far from me that recondtion's clutch plates and dmf i got my sierra plate reconed for £12 quid , They are a clutch specialist The place is called CG Motorsport opens 9am while 6pm mon to fri. phone number 0113 2426359
  8. Hi Geof Try this place might help. G S Escorts Ltd
  9. Daveo

    sierra distributor

    Try this one with vacuum Powerspark Ford Pinto OHC Electronic Distributor Capri Cortina Escort Transit | eBay This one without Powerspark Electronic Ford Pinto Performance Distributor Non-Vacuum | eBay
  10. Hi, You Could try this bloke as alot of sierra stuff , I have used him . Items for sale by pedrosky666 | eBay if you car'nt see what you want message him he's quick at replying.
  11. Daveo

    master cylinder

    Hi, just reading your post that year (1997) it was a MK2" ford sierra.
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