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  1. until
    full details/ links to follow
  2. until
    Full details/ links etc to follow
  3. I have put them in my diary, a pass out and the weather to book now
  4. I have a Weber 38 DGAS and use an ITG air filter, you can get various heights and are washable re oil and use again, worth a look at their web site for more details.
  5. until
    It must be the first Sunday in the month... that means its the The Corner House Meet at Charity Farm from 0830am until about 1230pm Where - Smithy Brow, Appley Bridge, Wigan WN6 9PP
  6. until
    Inaugural "Classics at the Manor" meet up at Heskin Hall PR7 5PA from 11am until 4pm
  7. Here's another meet up you might be interested in... Sundays are a no for me this month, but that doesn't stop anyone else from going, if you go please take a picture or two and post on here. Have fun
  8. fabulous news, welcome aboard everyone
  9. Are there any car meets/ shows near you coming soon, perhaps the last few of the season? then post the details on here. Remember if you are planning a run out and fancy some company, put some details on here and someone may meet up with you. Have fun everyone
  10. Hi All, The next Corner House car meet is this Sunday from 0830am, see the Facebook poster below. Members of the club have been regular attendees all summer, fingers crossed for the weather to be kind on Sunday. Please post some pictures on here if you have a run out. Take care.
  11. Hi, glad you had a great run out, you should have said I would have met up with you and had a run along the prom with you, have fun, Darrell
  12. Just wondering are you Blackpool based as well?
  13. Welcome one and all, don’t forget to put a pin in the members map, thanks and enjoy your cars
  14. A couple of our local members had a run out... Nice little drive out from Blackpool to Sabden via Stoneyhurst college. Then onto the Well Springs pub for a bite to eat before driving back. Only the 2nd outing with the replacement 2.0 litre Pinto, believed to be out of 71/72 Ford Mustang. Drove like a dream and never missed a beat. Nice country roads up to the Well Springs and great food too. Well worth a drive out, Gordon (rdeagle1029)
  15. Hi All, I have just been reminded that the next Wheels Up North event is this Sunday... See below for further details, a couple of members are going, any more thinking? Don't forget to post some pictures and maybe some blurb of your trip on this thread for all to enjoy. Thanks for the reminder Gordon (rdeagle1029) enjoy your trip httpswww.wheelsupnorth.co.ukevent-detailswheels-up-north-weekend-show-augustfbclid=IwAR3llQy7fHKJ3B1UR2P9nVdbY-9hpyVGV5VHU
  16. Hi All, How about a ride out to the next Corner House meet up... What? - The Corner House meets for enthusiasts of classic & collectors cars & bikes When? - Sunday 4th September, Time? – runs from 8.30am until about 12.30pm. Where? -Charity Farm, Smithy Brow, Toogood Lane, Wrightington, Nr Wigan, Lancashire WN6 9PP Search Corner House Meets on Facebook. See earlier posts for pictures from previous times, pictures look great on social media, a well-attended car meet, brew and snacks available. Not sure if I will get there, due to holiday. Let me know if you are planning on going, perhaps discuss locations/ routes/ meeting points etc for future runs out. Darrell
  17. This is fantastic that conversations like this have started. How very true, it is all about communication and suggesting ideas for the area secs to pick up on, but also with the new areas it would be a great to assist the area secs in getting club attendances up and running. We need to consider social get togethers e.g. Meeting at ice cream parlours (Wallings at Cockerham for example), keep the ideas and suggestions coming.
  18. Hi Tom, great picture, is that a pull in/ car park? would be great to get a few cars lined up for a picture
  19. Here's another run out to a car meet in Longridge... www.wheelsupnorth.co.uk next one is this Thursday, Gordon (rdeagle1029) is planning a run out any one else fancy it? Don't forget some pictures...
  20. I have Temp switch (coolant system) 100/95 (025) FAE 36060 fitted to mine, it all seems to run fine.
  21. until
    Here is the next car and bike meet at Charity Farm. What? - The Corner House meets for enthusiasts of classic & collectors cars & bikes When? - Sunday 4th September, Time? – runs from 8.30am until about 12.30pm. Where? -Charity Farm, Smithy Brow, Toogood Lane, Wrightington, Nr Wigan, Lancashire WN6 9PP Search Corner House Meets on Facebook. I usually get there for 10am, over 200 vehicles there in August, see you there. Darrell
  22. Hi All, Great run out to the Corner House meet today, it was great to see a number of UK KCC members. Sorry if I didn’t see you all it was a very busy meet with over 200 cars and not everyone stood by their cars and why should they!!! I must admit I got a few strange looks from people as I asked them if they were members and an even stranger look when I asked them to consider joining. Attached are a few pictures from the meet, more can be seen by visiting the Corner House meets face book page. It was great to put some faces to names and talk to you about your cars and the builds behind them. All in all the comments made were very positive, the weather was perfect and the cars fantastic. One comment I heard as a Sierra Cosworth drove by was "that would make a good donor!!" I hope the driver didn’t hear it, ha ha ha. Thanks to all the members who turned up this morning, please keep your eye on the events forum for more run outs and events. Have fun Darrell
  23. Hi All and welcome, fab news that our membership continues to grow, Pleeeeeease remember to put a marker in the members map so we all know who our closest member is, perhaps to pop round for a brew and chat. Darrell NW Area Sec
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