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  1. must be something in the air!!!!!! My car has split its exhaust and needs welding! pipe's on order, welder on stand by fingers crossed all will be sorted ready for the 4th
  2. Fab see you all there Looking forward to the 'drive out' never seen the cast iron men before and I am always up for a bag of chips Thanks for the info Steve. Darrell
  3. oh no what a mare!! fingers crossed
  4. Let's pray for dry weather Darrell
  5. Zoom as a starter and to keep the momentum in the early days sounds good to me
  6. Hi All, This is good news that the NW Group is a 'phoenix from the fire' and being reborn. New year new start sounds good to me. Count me in I live over in Blackpool, is there a possibility that meetings could occur this way 'ish as well? I cant wait to see your cars and swap stories/ ideas/ solutions etc. have fun, Darrell
  7. Hi All, I don't mind organising a location for us to meet, not too far from an ice cream and maybe a drive up the prom, if that sounds OK? Perhaps next spring time. In the mean time if we get a snap of DRY weather an evening ride through the illuminations might be a good shout with a bag of chips and a chin wag at the end. Let me know what you think.
  8. Hi All, I think it is a fab idea, I am located in Blackpool,
  9. Darrell

    spark plugs

    Brill thanks for getting back to me
  10. Darrell

    spark plugs

    Brill thanks for your advice and time to reply
  11. Darrell

    spark plugs

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, yes I am running a 2.0l Pinto, I will try opening the gap up as it is running a bit rough especially on start up, I am slowly working my way through potential causes e.g. idle mix, plugs, timing, - anything you would suggest as a must to check? Thanks for your reply
  12. Darrell

    spark plugs

    Hi, I have recently bought a 2B, whilst getting to know the car I noticed it has NGK AP6FS spark plugs in (gapped at 0.6mm). Taking heed of the advice on this thread regarding the NGK APR6FS, what is the difference, what does the 'R' mean in the title? Should I be changing them asap? many thanks
  13. Hi Dan, I have just agreed to buy this car and one thing I need to sort is insurance, what's the best way to contact you? Thanks Darrell
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