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  1. nigelt


    A VW Polo heater is another option. I had to make a box to go on the front and then the pipes to go to the screen etc. But it should fit in the gap well enough. Nige
  2. nigelt

    Windscreen Marking

    None of the windscreens from RH will pass the IVA as they are not laminated and don't have the // symbol. Pilkingtons should have the template for the RH 2B as I sent it to them and bought a screen. was around £250. might be cheaper now they have the template. Nige
  3. nigelt

    Pinto 2 Zetec

    And doesn't the exhaust come out the other side as well? which will mean brake servo in the way of the inlet paraphernalia. Nige
  4. You say plastic, but are there any rubber hoses that maybe collapsing when its all warmed up?
  5. nigelt


    That's more likely to be the timing capacitor. They don't usually use electrolytic capacitors to supress sparks. There is a white stripe down one side of the capacitor, that's the negative side, if you are soldering it back in. Nige
  6. nigelt


    Do the indicators actually come on? Depending on the electro-mechanical workings of the indicator circuit, it could just be one of the bulbs has blown and so does not have enough energy to energise the relay. Or you may have a short somewhere. Nige
  7. you missed a trick there Alantoon... you should have responded with ARRGH! I thank ye'
  8. Put the jack under it and raise it a little (maybe an inch). Then jump up and down on the front of the car carefully.
  9. Does it clear after a while? I had this, and it turned out it was over fuelling. couldn't see the street for all the clouds of smoke. Nige
  10. If heat shrink is a bit of a pain and of course it also goes quite stiff when shrunk, you could use self amalgamating tape. very waterproof.. Nige T
  11. nigelt

    Clutch Ratchets

    I never knew they came in different sizes.. I might look to replace mine at some point, but what I did was put some copper break pipe in the grove. It fits nice and snug and increases the radius. Nige T
  12. well I'm blowed, I thought it had to be a manufacturer in the list, but clearly not... thanks theduck... spot on..
  13. Does anyone know what we need to put down as the manufacturer for the 2b's, when trying to lookup if they need an MOT soon on the Gov website? Or is it not possible? when I took the car for its first MOT the guy at the garage looked it up, but I forgot to ask what he used. Cheers Nige
  14. Though I could get a lot of pleasure out of doing that!
  15. Yes they are the same..
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