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Guest docter fox

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no I havn't played it, what's it like?

Well it's a few years old now so don't expect mind blowing graphics, but if you want to really 'feel' like your driving, I still haven't found anything to beat it on pc.


The physics engine is superb, you can endlessly tweak the car setup to suit your driving style - understeer, oversteer, neutral drift, lift-off oversteer, etc, etc.


It's great B)

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Guest docter fox

I'll have a look out for it :) most of the driving games now are concentrating more on graphics and engine tuning as opposed to the set up, I used to spend hours adjusting lil things to get ever so slightly quicker :wub:



Barry, Thanks for the very kind offer of posting it on here :rolleyes: I e-mailed back and she translated it for me, her english is better than mine ;)

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