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I've had my hood a good 8 months now. But do to our leaders stealing from anyone that works, to give to our long term guests and lazy free loaders... I have had to make a very important choice...

Sell my Hood or sell my drop top Astra...

Well i chose the reliable, practical, 40mpg Astra cab, for the chop.

This has made a huge difference in my life, but i have discoverd just how nad my wiring loom is...

Side lights come on when i brake

Indicators come on when they like and random ones click on all over the place.

Starting is an issue if it's damp or cold

Idle is either 800rpm and cutting out or 2,300 rpm (so guess auto choke/temp sensor needs sorting)

But i love driving the hood and sure it'll be worth it in the end.

Does anyone know where i could get a wiring diagram, so i can pull the loom about and get everything sorted out... During a dry spell. Not worried if it's online to download or something i need to order.

I think it's a tracy green spliced into ford sierra.

To keep this in "Driving" i'll have to mention the back end flying out at 25mph, going through housing estates, when i hit wet drains... It's good fun, but also kida scary!

Cheers for any help

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If you do a search on here you will find a copy of the wiring diagram


Look under Vicky green loom here on the site


Otherwise I am sure someone will come on and have. A copy they can email you

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