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Swinton And Axa Insurance - Rubbish

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I have had a nightmare with the above two


Basically I had a private car insured through a broker with AXA Insurance using my NCD.


I insured my van after the car policy ran out through Swinton Insurance who also had AXA as the underwriter.


I sent Swinton my proof of NCD as required but kept getting letters saying they hadnt received it


I called TWICE and gave the previous policy number and said that as my previous underwriter was AXA and my NEW underwriter was AXA I couldnt see a problem


Axa had 'no record of my previous policy' with them even though I printed it out and sent it to them.


More letters arrived from Swinton threatening cancellation and I spent more time and money calling them only to be reassured that if there was a problem somebody would call me back. Needless to say they never did.


In the end I told Swinton to go ahead and cancel the policy and I would get insurance from a broker who knew what they were doing.


I now have been sent a bill for £135 which I have told them to poke up their backsides.


I will have my day in court and produce the evidence of their stupidity and ineptitude.


Something so simple has been made so difficult by people who can't do the job they are paid to do

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