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Peter Worrall

Seats For Sale

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I have 2 seats for sale, never been used, for those of you trying to make your car look different or limited for space. £100 plus postage or collect Leicestershire.

Email dirkworrall@hotmail.com

Or phone 07957340857


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    • By Paddy Lawler
      Hi everyone! 
      I’m after some help / advice about the 4 point TRS harness on my GBS. The black slider that holds the loops for shoulder strap in place has broken and disappeared. Does anyone know where I can buy the part from without having to shell out for new belts? I’ve tried TRS themselves but they said no. 
      Many thanks

    • By winmoz
      I am in the process of replacing the seats in my 2B. I am looking to mount the seats direct to the floor as I want to be as low in the car as I can be as the old seats put my eye line level with the top of the windscreen, which is a bit annoying.
      On the current set up the harness mounts are attached directly to the runners (which I am going to get rid of). Any ideas as to where i can get some mounting brackets to replace them? I am currently toying with the idea of simply cutting the old runners up and using them as mourning brackets.
    • By srcfllslka
      Hi all if I decided to move my seats forward and rebolted to the floor do I need anything behind my seat for extra support as I'm using trd harnesses alsoy cars a rh 2b cheers
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