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Rusty petrol tank


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Hi guys…. Hellllllllp!

I’ve been having running issues, and in a round about way have com to think it’s fuel starvation.

I disconnected the fuel input to the fuel rail and  turned o the ignition, I got a god spray for a couple of seconds, then it turned into a dribble.

took of the main fuel filter and pored out a certain amount of almost black fuel.

so, I decided to take the sender out of the tank and have a look…. Rust spots everywhere.

so… now i need the tank out, but am struggling to find a way to do it without taking off both rear wings and the rear panel.

so, my question are….

1) any tips on getting the tank out through the boot?

2) anyone ever had any success cleaning and lining a tank (like they do with old motorbike tanks.

3) should I just plump for an ally tank from kitspares?

4) any other advice you an give me… I’m slowly losing my mind and deasparately trying not to regret selling the bike to fund the car



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