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  1. I have been having a lot a trouble with over heating. it has a new coolant pump and the pipe arrangement has a couple of extra bleeds to release the air pockets. with the fan on all time the engine temp will rise to 100 within 5 miles of driving. you can see the temp vary as the thermostat opens and the the temp drops 4 or 5 degrees but if you if you accelerate hard the temp will go to 108 and the slowly drop back down to about 103 and stay there. I have put some remote temp probes on the rad flow and return and it appears that the rad is just not able to cool the water. obviously the non turbo guys don't seem to have an issue with the rad size and its slope. is this just a problem with turbo models as they produce a lot more heat? Has any of the other turbo guys got this problem or have found a solution? The other thing is that i have piped the setup wrong and it is over cooling the turbo. if someone with a turbo version had a schematic of how they had theirs plumbed in would be very helpful Thanks Steve
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