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  1. Right now I'm not sure what I really want to do and unfortunately I can't spend all my money to go to lovely places as I don't yet have a consistent income, but hopefully I can look at getting a house in the next 3-4 years with a garage where my vision may finally come true but I think you are probably right, as are most adults so I think I'll take your advice
  2. I'm in a small town called malmesbury in Wiltshire, not too far from chippenham or swindon, and bristol is around 45 minutes away, but that would be an amazing experience, haven't driven/been passenger in many exciting cars and no doubt I'll learn a lot
  3. Quite the blog, That was a very interesting and informative read! Thank you very much for the advice and link, I've given it lots of though and I have concluded that in my current situation a kit car is not as viable as originally anticipated, I'll still most likely be dreaming about building my own track focused rocket but I don't think now is a good time to do so, but it's a good time to save up for everything I need as your blog suggests
  4. Thanks for your time to respond, I was looking at creating my own body kit, can always learn! No doubt it will be quite troublesome. Thanks for all your answers I'm still looking around, there's so much choice I can't really decide, and when it seems I set my mind on something there's a huge caveat, might have to put the entire idea of a kit car as reliability is somewhat important to me, I'm quite rural and still attending college and an academy for football, thanks again
  5. The eagle SS has already been build and already has the VW engine installed with a pretty rusty looking exhaust system I was looking for a mid/rear engine car but I might have to look into your suggestions about the mx5 further. https://completekitcar.co.uk/2021/06/28/eagle-ss/ Here is a link to the eagle SS, it's in a pretty run down state from what I can see, I'd look to knock them down on the price further but should I just forget this all together?
  6. My v12 rocket would be a long term goal, but something that would let a v12 slot right in would be ideal. The cv2 you refer to is the very old citroen? I'm pretty confident on my ability to put together a kit despite never having any experience with cars before I can rebuild computers, custom cooling solutions, make stud walls, capinets, I think of myself as an all around handy man, I recently just plumbed in a sink and built a cabin kit in our garden with my dad if any of that will he useful I recently saw an "eagle SS" for sale near me which is a kit car and the current owner has built it off a believe an original beetle chassis and engine, now I personally think it's one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen but would that be ideal in facilitating larger engines and custom panels to your knowledge? I'm not asking you to read through the instruction manual and write me an essay back, I don't want to suck up your free time but if you could give me any tips on what would make an ideal chassis for a kit car etc that would he great
  7. Depending what goes as a modification to the chassis most likely, the boxster was just an example and probably not going to be a vehicle I'd purchase, this will probably sound crazy but I love the look of aston martins Valkyrie, aside from being incredibly rare and already sold out before production I can't afford one anyways and I doubt it would make a good daily, however I'd love to attempt making a super light car that is somewhat comparable, with aero and weight being two main focuses so that would most likely mean a lot of modification, especially after seeing how cheap v12 and V10 donor cars can be, is this completely unrealistic and is my young age making me naive towards this hobby? But it's definitely something I'd love to have a go at but the risk can't be too great as I don't have a fortune to neither spend or risk So adding a body kit to a vehicle will make it a "kit car" where insurance premiums seem to be far far lower from kit car insurance providers and buying a car then adding a full body kit could be a viable option as a first car to keep prices low?
  8. 1) does an existing vehicle with a complete body kit make it a kit car that can be insured by a kit car insurance company? 2) is fiberglass the best material to make custom panels? 3)is a kit car recommended as a first car for a student? 4) downsides to a kit car? 5) is there any type of safety test, or special test required for new kit cars? And must they follow the same rules as manufacturers within reason? 5) what should I expect to pay in insurance being an 18 year old male with no experience of driving/owning a car but a full license? Finally, could I buy for example an old boxster, and strip down the chassis and add an entirely new body kit, would this then classify the vehicle as a kit car or must it be completely built from scratch excluding donor parts like an engine and gearbox? Apologies if this is considered a violation of sorts due to being in the wrong catagory however I was unable to find the exact/suitable catagory to ask these questions, I'm very new to this and the options given to me for a standard car bore me and are very expensive
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