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  1. Need a holiday badly ..., Stressed Anxious and aching

  2. Back is in bulk... Tiling floors is the devil

  3. Off ta bed knackered

  4. Funny Borris Johnson

  5. My amazing wife's birthday tomorrow... Thin I'll buy her a slow cooker lol x

  6. Can't wait to finish this gazebo and get the hot tub up n running

  7. Stuck on m56 thought *bleep*s to it Uturn M53 then tunnel... Only stuck on the tunnel now... *bleep*off roads

  8. Love sitting in traffic on the m56 on a Friday me

  9. St Anne's did us proud tonight.. Love my kids me x

  10. Watching the Minnions perform with Lisa Bowers @

  11. Loads of these no make up pics on here tonight. Sitting here thinking most look better without it anyway :-). Well done

  12. Had my lump mapped 166bhp at the wheels and 371ib ft wahooo well chuffed :-)

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