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Status Updates posted by MarkBzero

  1. Found a garage that tune twin dellorto's

  2. Nearly there only few IVA trims, dummy MOT test and emissions.

  3. Nearly there I can see light at the end of the garage!

  4. At last a full weekend in the garage!

  5. Missing all the good weather hopefully car will be ready for next summer......

  6. when will I get time in the garage?

  7. At last a weekend free to get into the garage

  8. Wheels arriving this week!

  9. 4 speed box out 5 speed in - two steps forward one step backwards maybe ready for next summer.

  10. Going in the garage on Saturday first time for 12 weeks

  11. Operation on Monday no garage time for 6-12 weeks - not fair

  12. Waiting for parcel from GBS (Nose cone and bits)

  13. Ordering even more nuts and bolts again.

  14. Pop riveter broken after first build weekend

  15. Collection day on Wednesday ;)

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