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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    Bike Carbs (Again)

    It's another bike carb thread guys :clapping: We've all seen the nice neat job of the inlet manifold that various people manufacture to adapt bike carbs for generally Pinto use from what I've seen. What I'd like to know is, would it be feasible to mount each individual card straight to the manifold without the flexi rubbers ? Obviously a new throttle linkage would have to be made . I have access to milling machines lathes etc so maching isn't a problem. What I am thinking is, briefly. Get a blank of say 15mm aluminium, machine it to fit the studs and inlet spacing, offer up the individual carbs and mark for the studs. fit the studs, fit the carbs ,fit the throttle linkage. Sounds to easy to me ! Come on guys tell me the error of my ways , I'm a lowly bike mechanic. I work with one manufacturer of bike ,sadly long gone, and know them off by heart and their foibles. A multi carb engine, or any carb that doesn't say "AMAL" on it is foreign to me lol.
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