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A Good Days Work

The Modfather

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I have just spent the second half of the day finishing off fitting the carb and linkage, refitting the adapted throttle pedal 'cos they sent the wrong cable :o and rerouting wires that the lazy builder had not bothered to do right the first time. I had last weekend stripped, cleaned and overhauled the carb using a service kit, which worried me because I'd never fully stripped a carb before.


The throttle pedal that is in the car had a ball on the top which the cable attached to by way of a socket, but the cable that had been sent down also had a ball end. A quick trip to the auto factors in town proved negative, "Sorry we don't stock throttle cables, haven't for years" was their response. Gone are the days when you could buy a pound of King Edwards and a throttle cable from your grocers! So back to the garage with the thinking cap on. I ended up cutting off the very top of the pedal and drilling a chamfered hole and cutting a slot so the cable could pass through and the ball end could locate in the hole, sorted!


Then I had to cut the bottom of the new pancake filter to suit the carb, sorted, looks good and I have a couple of mil clearence to the bonnet.


I also put a stick on number plate on the nose cone and took off the one on the chrome bumper bar, 'cos I thought it looked cack :D


All in all a good few hours work, topped off with a quick spin along the lanes, and regularly lifting off the throttle to hear the rasping of the brand new exhaust which was no doubtably annoying the rich folk living in their country mansions :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive:


I just need to tinker with the carb settings a bit as there is a little lag when reaching the end of the gear.


It's been a few years since I done any work on a car after doing 3 resto's in the years gone by (2x Anglia 105E's and an MG B GT, so I'm well chuffed that my work has been successful so far! ;)



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I also put a stick on number plate on the nose cone and took off the one on the chrome bumper bar, 'cos I thought it looked cack


not a dig but is that legal please

pleased you got the carb sorted

i also enjoyed a good run out to day but the roads required a lot of respect tall hedges and a low sun?



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