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  2. Easy repair to do!!! Wouldn't bother using P40 I would go with U-POL SMC Carbon Fibre reinforced filler. Higher adhesion and easier to work with for a better repair
  3. Saw this post on MSN Cars the other day. Includes a Robin Hood Exmo but they are calling it a 2B https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/is-this-the-greatest-barnfind-of-2017/ss-BBF5cEm?MSCC=1511124551&ocid=spartanntp
  4. Very sad new to hear of Terrys passing I used to live in the same road as his son and if he was visiting him and saw the garage light on would always pop in for a chat or to see what was going on whether it was kit car related or not Condolences to the Barry family RIP Terry
  5. Most paint suppliers wont sell you cellulose paint anymore less you are in the trade and only a very few still sell solvent base paint, I only know of one that does in my area. Most paint shops use the water base system for base coats and solid colours with a low VOC clear coat. As agent zed said it is the norm now (still feels odd to me to be thinning it with water instead of thinners) the base you need a lot of air movement over the panels to dry the water out of the paint, so you will need paint air blowers either hand held or a set of them on a stand flowing air at an angle over the job. Then heat to dry the VOC clear after it has flashed off, if you don't let it do this and put the heat on straight after you have finished spraying you will find it will run like hell,
  6. Sounds like a plan Keep up the good work I look forward to the next vid
  7. Great channel you have there Stu The only thing I would do different is ditch the cardboard and use duck tape (sorry about the pun lol) or masking tape so you get the right contours between the 2 panels and also as you put the foam on use an old filler spreader to start getting the shape instead of having the large lumps and gaps in the foam, will save you a lot of work in the long run
  8. I have a 2B hood and side screens for my S7. Bit of a pig to fit as I have the one piece GRP rear panel and wheel arches which makes it tight!! Had to remove the rear part of the hood frame that goes around the roll bar to get it to sit right. Side screen fit fine just a load of marking out and measuring to get them right Its very rare the I use the hood as the Surrey hood is loads better
  9. Paid by paypal form in post to you. Will be up late on the Friday night due to work commitments
  10. Robin Hood used to use British Racing Green for their green gel coats in either British Standard or Pantone colour system - whatever they could get their hands on at the time That's why you can have two cars the same colour side by side and the gel coat can be a shade off from one another (if they have not faded) Polish up one of your GRP panels and take it along to your local paint supplier, they should be able to scan the colour or have colour chips to get you the best match.
  11. I have a Boschmann 1/2in drive cordless impact wrench comes with two 24v battery's, charger and case. Torques up to 320nm, it is only a cheap one off E Bay at only £55 as I only use it on mobile jobs for taking wheel nuts off and didn't want to pay out for an over rated and over priced Snap On gun. It is now about 4 years old and been left in the rain dropped, kicked and had loads more abuse through at it and its still going strong http://car-tools.headphoneszone.net/cheap-cordless-impact-wrench-24v-12in-drive-320nm-2-batteries/
  12. These bottles are ok if you are only going to be welding every now and then, did use them when I had the small mig welder. As I now have a bigger more powerful pro mig and weld most weeks I get all my gas bottles from Adams Gas as they do rent free bottle unlike BOC. http://www.adamsgas.co.uk/ I'm using a 95% Argon , 5% Carbon Dioxide mix at the moment which works for me welding both mild steel and stainless. The only thing you may find with an 80/20 mix is you will have more weld splatter to clean up on your welds
  13. Off the top of my head I think its this manifold here https://classiccarbs.co.uk/product/ford-pinto-1-61-82-0-ohc-engine-inlet-manifold-kit-twin-weberdellorto-carbs Got mine many moons ago so check this is the Hiflow manifold before ordering anything. ​Also don't use the rubber O rings the come with the manifold as they have a habit of being sucked into the inlet and making a mess ​of your valves. Get yourself a set of mishap plates which have the O ring bonded to them
  14. Had the same problem with my S7. Two ways you can go with this a slimline manifold which will bring the carbs closer in towards the engine or you can go with a Hiflow manifold which will lift the carbs above the side rail. I went with this option.
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