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Hello From A New Builder

Guest Lumpy

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Guest Lumpy

Hello to all,


I've just registered on here now i have taken the plunge to build a Zero.

A friend told me about this website and i must say i'm very impressed so far

with the help thats seems to be available.

Anyway, i've been led to believe that the build instructions are somewhat

minimal, especially for a novice (which i am) although i know my way around

a set of spanners. So with that in mind, does anybody know where i can get

some guidance on the build sequence/pifalls etc and are there any pictures

that might help me with the build?


Well bye for now and thankyou,



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Guest The Modfather

Welcome aboard Lumpy.


They're a great bunch here, loads of good advice without the snide remarks that other forums seem to enjoy so much. I believe everyone here who posts are all of the same opinion and that is to help our fellow hoodies to drive and enjoy our cars.


There are experts for every problem and it is never too long before you have a suitable answer.


Best forum I've ever belonged to, apart from the adult forum that is! :blush: :blush: :blush:

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Guest gixerboy600

Hi Lumpy,


There are a few Zero builders on here now and there are over 300 out there either on the road or being built. Most guys on here have photo's of thier build (myself, shaft, yanto). All of them will be done slightly differently but the build order is pretty straight forward. If you start with the rear mechanics (diff, driveshafts, suspension etc) and then look at the rear internal panel, footwell panels, brake lines, side panels, front suspension and steering. It will become quite obvious as you get into it what will get in the way of the next job if you do it now, for example I am holding off on fitting the scuttle and dash until I have the engine and box in as the scuttle will prevent me from having easy access. Of course a tremendous resource is Richard and the guys at GBS, they have always been forthcoming with support and advice and show a great deal of genuine interest in how thier customers are progressing with builds.





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Guest oddsocks

Hi lumpy,

Good choice to build a zero, as john said theres quite a few of us building now some with lots of experience and others like me! who havent got a clue :unsure:

The best advice is to become a member and ask as many questions as you can including the dull ones-you wont be the first to ask them or the last(trust me i know this coz i've asked them)

Its a really good group of people on here who are trying to build their car the best they can and help others to build as well.

Have fun and get some pics up so we can see your progress.



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You must be barking mad to get involved with allthis.



I have been building mine for about 7 months nowon and off. To say it’s been a challenge is an understatement.



What kit have you gone for?









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Guest scottie686

Hello again,


Thankyou all for the replies and tips on building etc. I have been looking on here at the build pictures you all mention, and Wow, there's a lot more to it than i thought. John, Yanto, Shaft, Great pictures, your cars look really good and have given me a starting point for when i get my kit, but i must say i don't think i'm up to building one like Shaft is? How much time do you spend doing all that Shaft? (Jealous, very).

I'm sure i'll think of plenty of questions for you all.


Bye for now




ps, i don't get on here very often, so please excuse delays in replying.




Welcome along!! You'll find a lot of the Zero builders have their own build blog or website which are usually invaluable. Mine below is by far knowhere near complete but depicts as previous posts have advised to start with grinding the welds so the panels can sit flush, fitting the diff, brake and fuel lines, rear suspension, g'box and prop then rear panel followed by transmission tunnel panels. I found getting the awkward hard to get to jobs done first because once those panels are in place they'll even harder to get access too! Id even get the engine mocked up before the outer side panels get put on!


Finally, any electrics questions you have i cant recommend picking the brain of 'Longboarder'!! He was a god send when i was building mine cos i decided to make my wiring loom from scratch and so almost had him on speed dial (or in this case speed type!!).


Good luck and enjoy!!



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