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Robin Hood Exmo - For Sale

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This has been a really difficult choice but I’ve decided that I must move out of my parents home and find a place of my own. Therefore I am selling my pride and joy my Robin Hood Exmo and using the money to help towards the down payment on a mortgage. So here are the details:


- Robin Hood Exmo

- Yellow and Stainless Steel

- 2.0lt Ford Pinto with 5 speed box and running gear from Ford Sierra

- On old ‘Y’ reg number plate

- 6 Months Tax and MOT

- Engine has done 90,000miles (not a lot for a ’83 aged car)

- Twin 45 Dellortos (£1000 to buy with trumpets and manifold)

- RS Alloy Wheels

- Full wet weather gear (in great condition)

- Custom fitted Tonneau cover (with 9 months warranty left)

- Full outdoor cover (handy with a British summer)

- In the past 12 months had:

~ 5 New tyres (all still with lots of tread)

~ Stainless Steel Exhaust

~ Small Momo Steering Wheel

~ New Throttle cables

~ Dash updated with leather trim

- Bucket seats with four point belts

- Electric Fan and Oil cooler


She’s a great little car and goes like stink and as we all know a real head turner. She easily manages 100miles on 20litres, and that’s with me giver her a boot now and again! I am the third owner of the car, she was originally a red letter day track car at Snetterton racing circuit and still has her badge. With this engine and the Dellortos carb set-up I’ve been told she’s about 135BHP and in a car with a weight of 700kg (I had her weighed the other month) she does go!


Viewings are obviously welcome, I work standard business hours, but my dad is retired and with pre-arrangement can show you the car. I am live in village call Fishboune, near the city of Chichester.


Priced: £3,500 o.n.o


Any questions please contact me -

E-mail: jamesissocoool@hotmail.com

Tel: 07971645602

post-4371-094110200 1289766086_thumb.jpg

post-4371-057693100 1289766095_thumb.jpg

post-4371-073291400 1289766102_thumb.jpg

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