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Double Wishbones

Guest simonb

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Guest simonb

Hi Guys,


Haven't posted for a while as have been rebuilding engine. I'm having a bit of trouble seeing how to fit the upper/lower wishbones to my 2B plus. There are 4 right-angle brackets in the kit so do I need to weld these on?


I would have thought that these would come pre-welded considering the difference in price of the 2B plus and the std 2B kit, and the videos don't really go into any detail on the subject. :(


If someone could post a picture of how the rear of the wishbones attach, I would be most greatful (and buy them some beer when the cars finished). :D

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Guest MikeD318


The right angle brackets are bolted on to the chassis behind the right angle pieces. You can weld them on if you want but I would suggest bolting them initially (just in case it goes a bit pear shaped), you'll also need to space it out with washers too. If you pm your e-mail address to me, I'll send you a photo so you can see what I mean.



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Guest TerryBarry

Hi Simon,

Here's a pic of the bottom wishbone mounting

I'll see what I've got re' the upper one - but once it's in position you need a fibre optic system to photograph the dumb thing.



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