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Robin Hood S7 Mk3 Hood Frame And Upper Windscreen Surround


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When I bought my car I was told it had the full weather gear however I have since found out the upper windscreen surround and the frame for the hood are missing.


Any ideas where I could find one or if I will need to buy a whole new set?



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The screen has a lower aluminium surround attached, however there is no surround round the sides or the top which I believe is one piece, therefore I am unable to attach the windscreen mounts or clip the hood to the screen!


Hope that makes sense

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As knights_templar says, GBS.


Keep stressing the S7 MK3. If I remember correct they have a sharp U (the sides join to the base of the U with sharp corners) which will now fail IVA. So be warned if you have to go for IVA.


I further suspect the screen is narrower than the 2B as the S7 is a narrow body which may impact screen width.

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Aeroscreens or Goggles for IVA ?


The aluminium surround would be easy enough to form if you have a mate that has access to the right tooling, unfortunately not many places have them. So,for the potential hassle and cost of getting them made locally, as Alan and Knights templar both say GBS looks the way to go.


Sorry I can't be of more help.

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