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  1. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    Could you give us the information on the details screen of the ECU software. If you do not know the software, have you got internet connection near the car?
  2. knights_templar

    Fitting mini wiper motor to ford Sierra stalks

    you will need to join the two
  3. knights_templar

    Fitting mini wiper motor to ford Sierra stalks

    Motor files is to big, it will not let me upload, so link https://www.dropbox.com/s/v26mprataahv2ix/040_151.jpg?dl=0
  4. knights_templar

    Fitting mini wiper motor to ford Sierra stalks

    Switch GBS_Workshop_Manual.pdf
  5. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    ATR throttles and GBS map? Connect your computer to the ECU, check the details screen. what does it say?
  6. knights_templar

    Engine oil

    the SAE rating advised by the engine manufacturer. make of oil is unimportant, unless the engine needs adertives as descrided by the DIN rating or for some manufactuers the JAP rating
  7. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    The p&p loom is bench tested before going to GBS so unless you have worked on anything it should work. That said the loom terminals can pull off wires if the pulgs are jarred during fitting. More likely something you have touched is not quite right, same as others have said, back to basics. TPS wiring, on the ATR the TPS is not, or wasn't P&P, check the wiring, it is easy to get wrong. https://www.dropbox.com/s/20z02p6f5bbl8dl/TPS plug.pdf?dl=0 I think someone has already mentioned the crank sensor change if the engine was originally auto, flywheel bolt pattern is off set so should only be possible to fit one way. Coil pack to plugs as discussed by others, as previously mentioned the Zetec plugs are prone to fouling. TPS calibration, also check that the TPS reading rises smoothly as you operate the throttle. A reverse reading, or a stepped readout can mean wiring issues or a faulty TPS. Second the throttle basic set up, the ATR's are not calibrated from factory, so you must check as I mentioned in previous post, I can post the ATR setup procedure but it needs the engine running first.
  8. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    the zetec map on the ECU should get you started, However it will not be ideal. you will need a RR session. Have you calibrated TPS? this procedure needs to be done frequently when setting up. Identify the master throttle, that is the one controlled by the tickover screw. most likly the rear most throttle, cylinder number 4, (forth from front) Check TPS readout, unless you are using the Ford unit, the aftermarket ones can be iffy, to say the least, you need a smooth signal change when you operate the throttle, if it steps you have it wired wrong, or a faulty TPS Where are your throttles set? make sure they are all closed, 1 (master) and its partner No2 are joined so can only be balanced with the air bleeds, No1 and No 3 should be at the same throttle position, No 3 is paired with 4 so same as 1 and 2 Make sure the air bleeds fully shut. make sure 1 and 3 are just open, visually, the same amount. you may need to adjust the link between the 1&2 and the 3&4 to match 3 to 1 if it then starts you will have to fine the start of the map, I wrote a procedure for Jenvey and Plenhum, but its the same principle. If it does not start, be very carful testing sparks, approx 25000 volts will find the easiest way to earth, if thats through the ECU, bye bye ECU trigger circuit, seen it a few times. Zetec plugs are also very prone to enameling, so have another set ready and be prepaired to swap, plug at a time to test they are OK Is this making sence, or am I rambling?
  9. knights_templar

    Fitting Steering Wheel

    Check the steering lock boltit sits under the steering shaft and slides out when the key is witdrawn. for security it has to be in the withdrawn position to allow the wheel to be removed, if it is is in the locked position when you try and fit the wheel the bolt is pushed back jamming it. the bolt is operated from a cam behind the lock operating the bolt by a lever, if the bolt is jammed the switch does not turn. Cant find any pic at present, but to be honest my files are all over the place, stored on differnt cloud sites, am trying to assemble in one place.
  10. knights_templar

    Plug and play GBS loom

    The Aux plug indicator connections simply allow options, if you have the Ford switches, and the P&P adaptor you have all you need for indicators and hazards. If you want a centre Hazard switch or a remote indicator switch there is provision in the aux plug
  11. knights_templar

    Fitting Steering Wheel

    You must make sure the the key is turned to the ignition position when fitting the steering wheel. best to disconnect the battery as it may take some time and some ignition setups will overheat the coil/coils. If you have tightened the wheel with ignition off, it is possible you have pushed the steering lock bolt out of position, with wheel off, check the bolt withdraws when you turn the ignition on and drops when you remove the key. It is possible to get the bolt working again if you tap th bolt in the right place.
  12. knights_templar

    Alternator LED

    If its the small alternator that GBS use on the Zetec, a resistor should not be neccesary. How have you wired the LED? should be + ignition live to + of LED, - of LED to alternator.
  13. knights_templar

    Steering column vibration

    As Andi says, lift a wheel and rotate axle stand witha screw driver on top can be used as a fixed point. move fixed point to various points on the tyre and visually check tyre wheel etc for run out, you can remove wheel and do the same on disc and hub. Not accurate, you neeed a dial gauge for that but it is usually accurate enough.
  14. knights_templar

    Steering column vibration

    The design has not changed, other than the donor, and the Zero does not normaly suffer from judder when braking. Check your brakes, hubs, wheels for run out and balance.
  15. knights_templar

    Zetec carb conversion

    With that kit you will have a post 1996 emission requirement, removing the CAT will have no benefit just a problem of trying to achieve post 1996 with kit designed for when emissions were of no interest. Why are you considering this?