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  1. knights_templar

    Suspension bushes

    If they are standard bushes the tubes are only mild steel, and can rust if not greased well. and yes they will then act like files. You can replace like for like with GBS ones, or there is another alternative, but not cheap, but they use stainless steel tubes, I can help with the price if you are interested, because that is what do now. PM me
  2. knights_templar

    Suspension bushes

    my thoughts to, how have they failed?
  3. knights_templar

    Trim MT75 Bellhousing

    Yes you do cut it. depends on the sump you are using as to how mutch. Use only the GBS engine and gearbox mounts. https://mega.nz/#!3hZRkKIS!Gy1Ov7Ab7JyGGunwS-9DNQpWRxRNf9B6wBNoGQWIeJI https://mega.nz/#!2sY1WCoY!OIdckCfGHBJxcAOdwav_D4ngr3kh299RDfMYMEpGirs Sorry the pictures are at different orientations.
  4. knights_templar

    Help with Fog wiring

    You need to know the manual, because th testers have their own interpritation 4. The rear fog lamp(s) must only illuminate when dipped beam, main beam or front fog lamps are lit (see alternatives in Notes 3 and 4). That is the rule, the alternatives are in notes 3 and 4 note 4 says Note 4: Either of the following scenarios will also be considered acceptable:  The rear fog lamp(s) may continue to operate until the position lamps are switched off, and the rear fog lamp(s) must then remain off until deliberately switched on again or,  An audible warning, additional to the mandatory telltale light, must be activated if the ignition is switched off or the ignition key is withdrawn and the driver's door is opened, whether the lamps in (RS4) are on or off, whilst the rear fog lamp switch is in the "on" position. but it is only an alternative if you do not comply to main item 4. Challange it, they are obliged to give a reason for fail, so why does it not meet item 4.
  5. knights_templar

    Help with Fog wiring

    You can fit it but it is not neccesary for IVA Just that the rear fog only works on dip beam and there is a warning light to show its on
  6. knights_templar

    ETB Speedo Pulses

    From memory, which I conceed is failing, 13021, assuming you are picking up on the prop bolts. It will not be exact. just lift and chock the vehicle safly and run it up through the gears to 70 mph, reading should be steady. IVA tester always set the ones I took, during test.
  7. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    Plugs fire in pairs, 1-4 and 2-3, the same as the injectors, so the 3-4 combination getting warm, it is unlikly to be either. But its worth checking the plugs are working, move plugs 1-2 to 3-4, if the fault dosent move, swap the plug leads at the coil pack, 1-4 and 2-3. if the same cylinder warm up, reasonable to conclude that ignition is not the problem, however the Zetec is prone for glazing plugs, so try another set. Ignition timing, one sensor on the Zetec, the Emerald/GBS does not use the cam sensor, it has to have the right config file in the ECU to understand the sensor pulses, but it is firing two differnet ignition circuits, 1-4 and 2-3, it is right or pretty close Fuel, needed of course, but if you are using brake cleaner as the fuel it should still fire on all four, not just 3 and 4 but what ever the fuel, you need air, and the throttles are paired 1-2, and 3-4, so are they all open to the same point? ATR are not factory set. Just a theory, prehaps someone can review for errors in the thought process?
  8. knights_templar

    Pre IVA MOT

    I think you are right when you say "There seem to be mixed opinions but I was wondering are there any serious disadvantages to getting an MOT before the IVA?" I think the problem lies in the perception of what an MOT is or does. The MOT test checks a vehicle against a series of standards, one being vehicle emission, those standards do have some comparisons with the IVA, but they are not the same. The IVA is looking at a vehicle in terms of build, safety and legal standards, which the MOT assumes some of these are already met because the vehicle is registered. An MOT tester will check the rear fog light works, an IVA tester will check it works with dip beam headlights only, is at the correct angle and within the specified positioning, has the correct lens identification has the correct radius on the edges etc. etc. The MOT procedure, can be carried out on anything, however until IVA'd and registered the vehicle does not appear on the MOT database so the test procedure can not be recorded. There is also no information as to which standard of emission the vehicle should be tested too. It can be manually set in the test machine and most engines are going to be post 1996 so under current standards, but pre 1996 could be age related or current depending on the proof of age. Its value is in that it is a second pair of eye being cast over your build, and they have the equipment to accurately test the emissions, something that most garages could do MOT testing or not.
  9. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    Could you give us the information on the details screen of the ECU software. If you do not know the software, have you got internet connection near the car?
  10. knights_templar

    Fitting mini wiper motor to ford Sierra stalks

    you will need to join the two
  11. knights_templar

    Fitting mini wiper motor to ford Sierra stalks

    Motor files is to big, it will not let me upload, so link https://www.dropbox.com/s/v26mprataahv2ix/040_151.jpg?dl=0
  12. knights_templar

    Fitting mini wiper motor to ford Sierra stalks

    Switch GBS_Workshop_Manual.pdf
  13. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    ATR throttles and GBS map? Connect your computer to the ECU, check the details screen. what does it say?
  14. knights_templar

    Engine oil

    the SAE rating advised by the engine manufacturer. make of oil is unimportant, unless the engine needs adertives as descrided by the DIN rating or for some manufactuers the JAP rating
  15. knights_templar

    Zetec engine start first time

    The p&p loom is bench tested before going to GBS so unless you have worked on anything it should work. That said the loom terminals can pull off wires if the pulgs are jarred during fitting. More likely something you have touched is not quite right, same as others have said, back to basics. TPS wiring, on the ATR the TPS is not, or wasn't P&P, check the wiring, it is easy to get wrong. https://www.dropbox.com/s/20z02p6f5bbl8dl/TPS plug.pdf?dl=0 I think someone has already mentioned the crank sensor change if the engine was originally auto, flywheel bolt pattern is off set so should only be possible to fit one way. Coil pack to plugs as discussed by others, as previously mentioned the Zetec plugs are prone to fouling. TPS calibration, also check that the TPS reading rises smoothly as you operate the throttle. A reverse reading, or a stepped readout can mean wiring issues or a faulty TPS. Second the throttle basic set up, the ATR's are not calibrated from factory, so you must check as I mentioned in previous post, I can post the ATR setup procedure but it needs the engine running first.