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  1. knights_templar

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    There is no wiring diagram for the GBS p&P loom, there is a diagram for the early Zero, based on the Vicky green loom If you need info on the P&P I would go to the GBS forum, I can help with specifics from there.
  2. knights_templar

    Exhaust Noise

    standard early type or standard late type with large cylinder? If later type does it have the built in CAT?
  3. knights_templar

    Clutch Cable Zero

    its a specially made cable for GBS https://www.kitspares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=clutch+cable&product_id=306
  4. knights_templar

    Map Sensor

    MAP is not used in basic plenum setup, just air temp and TPS. iacv also adds more complexity, it is not switched on in any of the maps, its not difficult.
  5. knights_templar

    Zero Tracking

    Parallel, I assume Ford setup.
  6. knights_templar

    6 Months In The Making!

    I have never seen overheating on a black top in a zero unless the basic rules have not been followed. Some filler caps have problems dealing to the rough cast alloy of some water rails, drilling holes in the state can aid filling and bleeding, but is no use to overcome overheating, the stat temp is important, if the water rails came from GBS it should be right, but have change them from other suppliers. If your system uses cooling fan switch and not ECU I would agree that you need to check operation and position in the cooling system. Getting all the air out of the cooling system is important. There is a written procedure to do this, or air gets trapped in the water rail and top hose, if that is where the fan sensor double problem.
  7. knights_templar

    6 Months In The Making!

    There is a cooling system bleed procedure you should follow, had that been done? Smith's gauges are notoriously inaccurate, have you checked what the ECU is seeing, and is the fan set to cut in at 98 deg? Is the piping from the GBS type?
  8. knights_templar

    Battery Warning Light Problem

    On the standard Ford alternator you will need a resistor between 12v + ignition and battery field wire, the small diameter wire, with led light in parallel, as above ignition 12+ to + of led - to alternator field wire.
  9. knights_templar

    Gbs Zero Wiring Help

    Links go dead to avoid builders misreading posts and assuming they are relevant to their build. ask a question and the answer, specific to your build, can be re posted. There are three looms that could be used on the Zero, one being the P&P, and there are two sub versions of that. plus the Mazda. So is the info from across the pond correct? Well yes, unless the aux plug has one of my mods, and it does not look like it, That is what I put in the manual.
  10. knights_templar

    Front Wings

    should bend with right lever, tube around support is better lever in tube may bend end of support.
  11. knights_templar

    Drive Shaft/hub Carrier Noise

    If your mishap was enough to damage a drive shaft what else needed to be changed? Zero Ford donor is all Sierra, and there should be NO free play in a rear bearing, they are preloaded when torqued correctly, any play and they are dead OR the shaft nut has loosened, possible. If a shaft is changed, it is often changed as a unit with the bearing carrier, or the bearing is opened, logic would replace bearing at the same time. What was the actual work listed?
  12. knights_templar

    Motorcycle Lift

    Yes, and I would not again. May have been the one used, but cars are heavier than bikes and it came down a bit to quick for my liking, however hard you tried to ease it down. Would agree with Florin, they remain parallel to the ground, so you have to be careful where you are lifting.
  13. knights_templar

    Front Wings

    Depends on wing stays, you may have to tweak, and the molds the wings were made in. Later mold is best. Trim wing where you need to to get it to easily sit where you want it, run needs of glue, and strap to wheel with masking tape. Leave overnight and in tape. Add more bonding where necessary.
  14. knights_templar

    Alternator Wiring

    Marlin there is a pull up resistor in the loom, just make shore the alternator has the feeds it needs and it should work. You may actually need to remove the resistor, but that for another reason, or you can use your original alternator and it an after market controler
  15. knights_templar

    Gbs Zero Wiring Help

    as far as I am aware its free.