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    ECU Programming

    Brumster, that’s amazing, thank you. I’ll drop you a PM shortly. Matt adjusted fuelling at all levels and it definitely runs much better, it’s purely the idle Im trying to change. I had a work dinner to attend last night so left my laptop at work as it wouldn’t last long In the boot of the zero. I will have the car and computer together again next Friday and free all weekend (subject to surprise plans from the wife). decided to range test the car last night and got from work to home on one tank. 167 miles at 70-75mph and it made it. Probably a bit risky at it was late and not done that range before but good to know it’s got it in the tank if it needs it. Still only took 25litres at the pump but the low pressure pump wasn’t happy
  2. I think this is the most relevant place to post….. my car was off the road most of the summer due to failing emissions on the MOT, financial constraints of getting it sorted and then having no time. Finally it’s back in the road following a bespoke map being written for it by GBS. When I left, Matt said to add 3 clicks of fuel and then compensate the ignition with 3 clicks of the +/ - at the end of the numbers row, that would make it run better as currently it sounds like it misfiring but is an MOT pass. as it’s been a few weeks since I was up there, I’ve forgotten the exact keys for fuelling (2 and 3, or 3 and 4) and I think this is what messed my emissions up so badly in the first place. my question is, can anyone give me a quick step by step on how to add the 3 clicks, program and save it and then the removal process for next years MOT please? thank you so much in advance. on the plus side to this new map I get much better mileage. I used to do 117 Miles to work and could hear the fuel pumps struggling. It would take 29-30 litres ish. To the new job today, I Did 110 miles today and filled up to be safe and it only took 18 litres. I think I could have done the whole 167 miles in a tank.
  3. ^^ nailed it right there. Probably not the answer you were looking for but that’s the sad fact of auctions
  4. Sooooo, after a long drive up to GBS today they had a look at my emissions problem and diagnosed it within minutes. I’d set the lambda up wrong, not given it any power and somehow the fuelling was a complete mess. Matt wrote a new map for me and within 30 mins it was running sweet and hit the MOT parameters with ease. It’s now booked back in on Monday for a test and finally it should be back on the road. while there, Richard popped out to say hello and have a look at the car and quickly asked how it handled. I could tell something wasn’t right so asked why and he pointed out I’d fitted the steering arms upside down! he nearly fainted Hearn I said it’s been like that for 5000 miles and 3 years! they changed it as it was dangerous and then sorted the tracking - quite rightly at cost. The drive home was unbelievable, it’s like a new car. After they explained why it was so dangerous I can’t believe I’ve not come off the road yet - neither could GBS!! Seems I’ve been lucky. from Monday I should be back on the road, although probably missed the summer now
  5. Wow, what a detailed reply. Thank you. I had my retest yesterday and although I got caught in the rememants of this weekends storm - it failed again. The return fuel pipe issue is fixed but was still hitting 7.8 CO2 at idle. It’s meant to be 0.2 -0.3 apparently. Anyone know if it’s being tested against the right values? it’s on an age related plate, 2.0l zetec engine, emerald ECU, standard GBS Plenum and exhaust. what’s the best was to mop out the foot wells which are under a good few mm of water…..
  6. Ah that’s a shame. mill post back after the MOT which is today or when it stops raining - probably in August
  7. I think you’ve nailed it! Blew it through and there was definitely something in the way. All back together and the pipe that was popping off now doesn’t. The temporary zip tie holding it in place is removed and the normal sound of returning fuel is back. The pipe from the HP pump doesn’t bulge anymore either. legends! Thank you. hopefully it gets through the MOT now. The garage might be able to get me in today
  8. So, fuel is getting round the system.but doesn’t seem like it’s as it used to. I used to be able to hear the excess fuel clearly entering the tank after it had primed, but now it’s barely audible. I’ve removed the regulator and considering a replacement as I’ve checked all the fuel lines and they all seem as they did when I built it.
  9. Great shout, thank you very much. I will have a play at the weekend
  10. That rings a bell. I will have a look at the weekend and post some pics or a video of my setup. Odd that this has happened with nothing being changed in my mind by I’m sure there’s a reason.
  11. Wow, some great questions there - way beyond my knowledge but I’ll see what I can do in terms of answers. lambda - was a wideband as I was under the understanding this is what would help with economy and fuelling? it was the idle speed that was over. But didn’t pass at any point, it was the idle that was most out. Cat. Not sure I have one? It’s the standard GBS Ford build and the MOT centre said I don’t have one this weekend - I thought I did as part of their exhaust? not burning oil as far as I’m aware. Still seems full 5000 miles in. I don’t think I’ve got any exhaust leaks but will check at the weekend. As for adding the lambda correctly, I assume not. I think this may be where I’ve messed up as it’s on the same map it passed it’s IVA with. thank you for the help and advice this far, I really appreciate it.
  12. Mmmmm, don’t think I have one of those! I did get a regulator from GBS but they then said I didn’t need it unless it’s built in somewhere? I will get some photos at the weekend. Looks like it’s going to be too wet to MOT this weekend now and I work away from home in the week.
  13. I don’t have a pressure regulator. Was told I didn’t need one when building so never fitted one. Have I messed up? im running a Ford setup, 2.0l zetec, GBS plenum and everything provided by GBS (except a few bulbs and interior trim)
  14. Today was my first MOT. After sorting other little issues before the test it sailed through - apart from on emissions. I think he said it should read 0.3 and it was on 8! It’s the same map as for the IVA (GBS EMISSIONS) and the only change is fitting a Lambda - which I thought helped things? anyone any idea apart from remove the lambda - although it’s been 3 years since I used the software so could do with a reminder on what to do
  15. Thanks Nelmo. Nothing has changed since IVA 3 years ago. Just under 5000 miles on it and runs and drives like a dream. I started thinking maybe blocked injectors causing back pressure but it runs fine so can’t work it out. in other news, failed the MOT with the GBS emissions map on. Needed a reading of 0.3 I had circa 8! Apart from fitting a lambda it’s as per IVA. Such a shame as it’s perfect weather for it this week
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