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  1. Thanks guys, some interesting thoughts and options to weigh up there. Knowing how bad things get in south west Wales in the winter it is certainly going to need a lot of commitment - especially given the cost of the weather gear where I could easily buy a cheap car to get me through this financial shortfall. Decisions decisions ..... David, thank you for the offer, id love to see if I fit! Are you still Brockwith based? We’ve moved since we last met but only to longlevens
  2. Thanks for the replies, seem like it could be an option! I drive to work on the Sunday night normally ready for work on the Monday morning so would have plenty of time to get changed etc so that’s an option but not sure the interior of the car would stand up to some of the west Wales rain and wind with no cover for long. I’ll check out soft bits and heating / demister / heated screen options and let you know what I go with. Really don’t want to sell the main car as it’s never missed a beat but needs must
  3. A bit of a random question with a few sub questions but here it goes.... covid has hit us hard financially so looking to sell my daily car to pay off the debts. To enable this I’m considering heated seats, heated screen and wet weather gear for the zero and use it year round for my weekly commute. I travel to work on a Sunday and back on a Friday. First question and possibly the show stopper, but can full wet weather kit be fitted on a car with cobra hoops? If it can, will I fit inside? (I’m 6’2 with seat runners and lowered floor). does it keep the rain out on a motorway,
  4. This is what I did albeit with one rivnut and bolt. I also silkaflexed for a belt and braces finish.
  5. Gulf blue is a really light blue so think that's Oxford
  6. m1tch


    This is what I’ve got. Very similar, very bright and I got an MOT tester to check before IVA and he said they would pass an MOT. Swapped back for IVA though. these have the switch back feature for indicators and I love them.
  7. This is what I fitted. About £5 iirc and works a treat. Not had much of an issue with the coffee cup being a mini volcano either - it has happened but not often. Also good for a bottle of water in the summer and Doesn’t interfere with passengers legs either.
  8. Was really hard to find on my crate zetec too. It had disappeared in surface rust and GBS helped ID where it was so I could clean it up and see it off. Had to re-clean it up on IVA day as the inspector wanted to check it too
  9. White spirit / petrol worked for me.
  10. Not what you want! These are fixed and give a pure white colour similar to that of my Audi with LED headlights. Very impressed for the price. Ill see if i can find an email or link to what I bought for you to browse. So, this is the company I got mine from: https://www.lrchallenge4x4.co.uk But they aren't showing any of the coloured versions anymore. They do show on historical pages from Amazon, but not available anymore - Random?
  11. No they were from a company called challenge 4x4 or something similar. Had them for nearly 3 years now. Had an MOT tester check them out and he said they are legal too so all good. Roughly £150 if I remember rightly for the black or silver and £50 extra for coloured. They had roughly 10 colours at the time I got mine.
  12. They are indeed. Full LED, DRL and switchback indicators.
  13. Here’s mine with a swing we made for my little boy yesterday infront
  14. I’ve also got a love for autoglym super resin polish followed by their HD or newly released UHD wax. Always get comments on how shiny my cars are
  15. And the man cave. Also a work in progress but getting there
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