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  1. m1tch

    Car wash

    That’s cool as! And I bottled using mine this morning!!
  2. 1. Find the source of the rattle on the front right. 2. sort the intermittent misfire issue. 3. slightly increase the bend angle on the drivers wiper. 4. Find and fix the battery warning light issue which I’ve had for 3000 miles now.
  3. m1tch

    Possible misfiring ?

    Nelmo, I slept on my issue last night going through what it could be and the thing that kept coming back to me was the fuel station 15-20 mins before my problem started. Decided to drive the car until it had 1/4 ish of a tank left then full with half a bottle of fuel injector cleaner and a full tank of high octane fuel. I cracked on with my trip and the problem remained the same - BUT only for 15-20 mins. It then went away, just as it had appeared. I’m hoping and assuming the “dodgy” fuel mixed with the new and the cleaner and it is all sorted. Traffic was horrific so spent another 3 hours driving but has been perfect ever since. Might be worth a try for £5?
  4. m1tch

    Possible misfiring ?

    Hey, thanks for the reply. I’d read your post and hoped my issue wouldn’t be as drastic. my fuel pump (HP) is making a louder, and slightly abnormal sound which is matching up to the juddering. I think it may be that, but still got 120miles to get home and not sure if it’s worth the risk before fixing it. Considering a new HP pump and fuel filter at the moment...
  5. Evening all, I hope somebody can help here. I’ve driven my car to work - 120miles from home - As I've done a good handful of times. It has the 2.0l zetec engine which was brand new when I bought it. And the standard plenum and GBS cooling system. There are just under 3000miles on the clock and on my drive down last night it felt like it was less powerful than normal and on a few occasions was juddering and just didn’t feel right. Today the same thing but only did 20 miles. The rev counter is bouncing while still and three times it nearly cut out while idling at traffic lights - I just caught it with a bit of gas. There is also a slight smell of fuel which isn’t normally there. It also doesn’t sound right. i think it is misfiring somewhere but the key thing for me is the fact all of this started about 20 mins after filling up 3/4 of a tank. It was BP normal petrol and defo not diesel so not a miss-fuel. Anyone got any ideas? I’m thinking drain as much fuel as possible and try a new tank full? Or is there something more simple to try first? Got about half a tank of fuel left. thank you In advance
  6. Thanks all, I’ll have a look at kit net and also try the next Westfield meeting - I work away during the week so could be difficult but I’ll see what I can do.
  7. So, I’m a bit of a lurker, pop in for a read most days and seen quite a lot of meets and things going on. My question is, does anything similar exist for the gloucester or surrounding areas as I can’t find anything. If not, is it due to lack of members in the area or just nobody to organise it? Thanks in advance
  8. m1tch

    Noise cameras

    £100m over 4 year to cut knife crime - of which 70% of offenders are never caught. cuts to the police. NHS underfunded and under staffed Our army, navy and airforce are a joke on the international stage. YET, 5 miles of M4 near reading is having ONE BILLION POUNDS spend on it to install speed cameras and “smart features”. Speeding fines have been put up. Speed limits brought down. The only area of law enforcement to receive an increase in funding is speed cameras. The highways agency drive up and down the motorways in gas guzzling 4x4s. Why? Because we are mugs who use the roads and are actively targeted to make money. Nothing to do with safety, just making money. The country is a joke and for some reason have given more money to the highways agency than our NHS and police combined.
  9. Can I confirm a date? Been lurking around for a while but think I’m finally going to join the club and taking my boy camping would be great fun
  10. Ah its Simon! I asked on the GBS Forum as I was potentially going to have to extend my engine crane hire if the engine was wrongly located. (Its due back tomorrow). The top water rail pipe is too long (second pic on the above link)
  11. Evening everyone, I tried fitting my cooling system today but Ive either located the engine horrendously wrong or one of my tubes is far too long. Can anyone with the GBS water rail kit and zetec engine have a look and advise please? https://plus.google.com/104230686257863883183/posts/Xb4oShiUCv9
  12. m1tch

    Fuel Pipe Routing

    Nigel, thanks for your reply. The first LP filter is the stock filter from GBS. Is this recommended to be replaced?
  13. m1tch

    Fuel Pipe Routing

    Fantastic, thank you
  14. m1tch

    Fuel Pipe Routing

    Thanks Richard, great help there. Is this now looking correct?
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