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  1. Was really hard to find on my crate zetec too. It had disappeared in surface rust and GBS helped ID where it was so I could clean it up and see it off. Had to re-clean it up on IVA day as the inspector wanted to check it too
  2. White spirit / petrol worked for me.
  3. Not what you want! These are fixed and give a pure white colour similar to that of my Audi with LED headlights. Very impressed for the price. Ill see if i can find an email or link to what I bought for you to browse. So, this is the company I got mine from: https://www.lrchallenge4x4.co.uk But they aren't showing any of the coloured versions anymore. They do show on historical pages from Amazon, but not available anymore - Random?
  4. No they were from a company called challenge 4x4 or something similar. Had them for nearly 3 years now. Had an MOT tester check them out and he said they are legal too so all good. Roughly £150 if I remember rightly for the black or silver and £50 extra for coloured. They had roughly 10 colours at the time I got mine.
  5. They are indeed. Full LED, DRL and switchback indicators.
  6. Here’s mine with a swing we made for my little boy yesterday infront
  7. I’ve also got a love for autoglym super resin polish followed by their HD or newly released UHD wax. Always get comments on how shiny my cars are
  8. And the man cave. Also a work in progress but getting there
  9. Here’s the garage, still a work in progress but it’s getting there
  10. Ah thanks. id really like to go as it’s the first one in 2 years I’ve been free and able to go, but as a “key worker” I probably shouldn’t. i might just take it for a lonesome drive in the sun instead
  11. Does anyone know if this is still on today?
  12. Well, I’ve got a cat to throw amongst the pigeons, but I’d have (buy) a Tesla Model X P100D. i think it’s amazing and would love one but just can’t afford it - but I’d defo keep the zero
  13. m1tch

    Car wash

    That’s cool as! And I bottled using mine this morning!!
  14. 1. Find the source of the rattle on the front right. 2. sort the intermittent misfire issue. 3. slightly increase the bend angle on the drivers wiper. 4. Find and fix the battery warning light issue which I’ve had for 3000 miles now.
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