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  1. femster87

    Happy Birthday Bob

    Have a nice one bobo
  2. femster87

    Sierra Rear Calipers

    As above, can you please let me know what you have Regards,
  3. femster87

    Gbs Zero Supercharged St170 For Sale

    Send it over to me, i'll store it for you. Terry might want it. He is getting itchy again for some tinkering time
  4. femster87

    Gbs Zero Supercharged St170 For Sale

    Andy, Dont tell me its the MX-5 causing this? You will miss the car.
  5. femster87

    Uprated Type 9 Gearbox Mount.

    did you fit two mounts. Lmao had to
  6. femster87

    Free 2 Helmets (Medium)

    rotherham. And work outside Liverpool. So can meet anywhere inbetween
  7. femster87

    Free 2 Helmets (Medium)

    Hi All, I have two medium size helmets for grabs. Bought when I had the seven. No longer required. Intact and never dropped. Its a shame to send to the skips. Free to collect. If you want posting them you can arrange collection from my place of work
  8. femster87

    New Member

    Thank you very much guys. Sure she feels welcomed
  9. femster87

    New Member

    Thank you very much guys. Sure she feels welcomed
  10. femster87

    New Member

    All doing great thank you all very much. Being an emotional journey
  11. femster87

    New Member

    God help you all, you have a new femster joining the club.
  12. femster87


    Oh, I must have missed that. Sad indeed
  13. femster87


    Has anyone heard from Ian recently?
  14. femster87

    Sierra Diff And Other Stuff

    Would like the diff. I am in four ashes on Wednesday and finish around 4pm so might be able to collect
  15. femster87

    Gbs Cars & Coffee Event - Saturday 24Th March

    Bit of a longway for you David.