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  1. i'll be in the workshop on sunday, I might have some hits and pieces left over from my last zetec build
  2. As above, can you please let me know what you have Regards,
  3. Send it over to me, i'll store it for you. Terry might want it. He is getting itchy again for some tinkering time
  4. Andy, Dont tell me its the MX-5 causing this? You will miss the car.
  5. did you fit two mounts. Lmao had to
  6. rotherham. And work outside Liverpool. So can meet anywhere inbetween
  7. Hi All, I have two medium size helmets for grabs. Bought when I had the seven. No longer required. Intact and never dropped. Its a shame to send to the skips. Free to collect. If you want posting them you can arrange collection from my place of work
  8. Great bit of work mate. Thanks
  9. Thank you very much guys. Sure she feels welcomed
  10. Thank you very much guys. Sure she feels welcomed
  11. All doing great thank you all very much. Being an emotional journey
  12. femster87

    New Member

    God help you all, you have a new femster joining the club.
  13. femster87


    Oh, I must have missed that. Sad indeed
  14. femster87


    Has anyone heard from Ian recently?
  15. No point asking if the drive shafts fit.- It is a good job I am a machining Wizz. Spring info winging its way over to you tonight
  16. Would like the diff. I am in four ashes on Wednesday and finish around 4pm so might be able to collect
  17. Thanks Dave, its all show and like little go
  18. Dont feel sorry for yourself. I had just spent £250 wiring in 4 new infra red heaters into the workshop and the sun came out
  19. Too good at the moment. To resist a 10mins blast. Cold tyres makes for really interesting turns
  20. Hahaha, trust Marcus to know what women love.lmao
  21. Hahaha, trust Marcus to know what women love.lmao
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