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  1. I built mine in 2012 and I think I was around £15K all in but I did get GBS to do some work for me. I think it should be do-able for that kind of money for the Gen 2 version with some sensible purchases. They have made a lot of changes since I built mine and I am tempted to build another. Problem would be having to sell my current car and I am not sure I could part with it!
  2. When mine was first IVA'd, I had the factory fit full weather gear. Richy is right that it would have a riser bar in the middle to lift it a bit to give you plenty of head room. The only thing I didn't like about it was it was fully enclosed, so prone to the windscreen steaming up. I moved to a half hood and that issue is solved. In heavy rain, on fast roads, you do get a bit of spray in through the the open area at the back. The other area the water gets in is under the door edges. I tend to use towels to keep out the worst but toyed with adding a strip of 25mmx25mm aluminium strip
  3. I have personal cover with the AA for the tin top but they won't cover a non-production car, i.e. a kit car, for European use so I took a specific policy with A-Plan for that. £45 for the year.
  4. David S


    Just seen a post on Facebook to say this has now been cancelled until 2021. Will be updated on their website tomorrow (22nd). It was inevitable
  5. Would love to do that 1 year, it is on my bucket list!
  6. David S

    Alps in July?

    I did Switzerland 2 years ago in June and it was amazing. Getting down there was a bit of a slog but once there, the whole place is stunning. I only wish I had the cash and annual leave to join you!
  7. Unfortunately, it was bound to happen.
  8. I think a lot of hotels could be trading differently with reduced occupancy levels, limited catering and social distancing still in place until such time as a vaccine is found.
  9. I had already cancelled at the Elan so I beat them to it. As you say, maybe next year!
  10. Hi Andi Are you trying to compete with this?
  11. Hi Stuart. I think this is a very sensible decision, you can't be too careful. As you say, there will be plenty of opportunities to re-arrange this in the future. It also gives you more time to get the Prefect as you would like it. Stay safe!
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