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  1. Congrats. Car shows aren't for everyone, but I like to go and fly the flag for the kit car world.
  2. Mitch - I go along to the Westfield Cotswolds meetings and they are on the last Thursday of every month. There is one tonight. We meet at The Golden Heart, Nettleton Bottom on the A417/419 from 7.30pm. You would be very welcome to come along to that, everyone is welcome!
  3. Wow, that is amazing! Best wishes to you both in your new home. You have picked a beautiful part of the country to move to.
  4. GBS will have nothing for the 2B as they have moved on to other things now. There was no physical build manual but VHS tapes that have since been put up on YouTube, as mentioned above. Other then the videos, this forum is the biggest source of knowledge of the 2B you will find.
  5. I think they will be too small for the rear wishbones. It is very tight on 15" wheels.
  6. Due to other commitments I can't camp over so I might just come up for the day on the Saturday.
  7. Fantastic progress, it is look really great!
  8. Thanks Bob, not far off retirement
  9. I also favour the surrey top/ half hood option. It is so much quicker to put on when required and just rolls up and fits to the back of the car. I had mine made by Softbits and this is actually my car in their pictures showing it fitted and rolled. https://www.softbitsshop.co.uk/gbs-zero-half-hood-standard-chassis-815-p.asp Like you, I don't go out deliberately but it has saved me getting soaked before. You still get some water getting in, but it is 95% dry.
  10. The nearest you could get in the UK to that is PR15ONR or PR15NER but neither are available numbers and I suspect if they were they could possibly have cost well into 4 figures. Some of these 'vanity/personalised' registration numbers can cost getting on for 6 figures or more!!!
  11. Has it been painted or wrapped? Whichever, it looks really nice
  12. Yes, that is the problem part. Taken from the GBS Owners Facebook page, the fix is to replace the rod end bearing that the gear lever shaft goes through.
  13. Hi Jez, no it an MT75 with the GBS quickshift fitted. It is a known weakness of the earlier versions they made. Apparently the later versions don't rattle.
  14. I can see how that would work as if I hold the lever over to the left or right with a small amount of pressure, the rattle stops.
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