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  1. Fully loaded and tricked out VW T6 van with every bell and whistle I can dream of.
  2. I bought my kit December 2010 and on the road 2012 and it seems to be holding up OK. I may have been in at the start of the better powder coating process.
  3. Hi David. I had to look up the Brooke ME190 and it is a lovely looking car you have bought there. I run a GBS Zero and, due to the light weight, run at 18psi. I suspect the Brooke is a similar weight so a range of 18-20 to 20-22 seems reasonable. A lot of it is trial and error with these cars and personal preference.
  4. Some great roads in Switzerland. Every corner you go round there is more amazing scenery! The twisty turny roads are great fun! The same with the Northcoast 500! Also agree that Wales has some great roads. The 'Evo Triangle' used to be good but I think it is full of average speed limit cameras now.
  5. I have made a reservation at the Elan Hotel.
  6. I am a 'maybe'! I have a possible gig on the Saturday night, but it is not confirmed yet. If that doesn't come off, then this sounds like fun.
  7. The Dordogne in September coming back via Brittany for a few days.
  8. Here is my Zero on one of the Scotland road trips.
  9. Sorry to hear this Bob, but glad it was all sorted so quickly and without fuss. It is all we ever want from our insurance cover.
  10. Change of dates means I may be able to make it now.
  11. Just seen this on Facebook that this has just been confirmed by CKC to be the weekend of the 25th and 26th July 2020 Never been to Newark and I still won't as I will be away in France!
  12. Congrats. Car shows aren't for everyone, but I like to go and fly the flag for the kit car world.
  13. Mitch - I go along to the Westfield Cotswolds meetings and they are on the last Thursday of every month. There is one tonight. We meet at The Golden Heart, Nettleton Bottom on the A417/419 from 7.30pm. You would be very welcome to come along to that, everyone is welcome!
  14. Wow, that is amazing! Best wishes to you both in your new home. You have picked a beautiful part of the country to move to.
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