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  1. I built mine in 2012 and I think I was around £15K all in but I did get GBS to do some work for me. I think it should be do-able for that kind of money for the Gen 2 version with some sensible purchases. They have made a lot of changes since I built mine and I am tempted to build another. Problem would be having to sell my current car and I am not sure I could part with it!
  2. When mine was first IVA'd, I had the factory fit full weather gear. Richy is right that it would have a riser bar in the middle to lift it a bit to give you plenty of head room. The only thing I didn't like about it was it was fully enclosed, so prone to the windscreen steaming up. I moved to a half hood and that issue is solved. In heavy rain, on fast roads, you do get a bit of spray in through the the open area at the back. The other area the water gets in is under the door edges. I tend to use towels to keep out the worst but toyed with adding a strip of 25mmx25mm aluminium strip to the side of the car under the edge of the door. This would act as a deflector to the majority of the water. You are then left with a bit of water coming in over the edge of the windscreen but that also happens on £75k Morgan's so not a lot you can do about that. With the full roof or half hood fitted, getting in and out is a nack, but you soon get used to it, you just have to use a certain technique. You would be welcome to come and have a look at mine and give it a try if you want. I think you have my mobile number already. Give me shout if it would help. As an aside, I am not sure if SBFS have done a half hood for Cobra Hoops. You might have to have a bar of some sort added to give the shape as the normal half hood uses the roll bar to make the shape. If you you look on their website, it is my car that is featured so you can see what I mean.
  3. I have personal cover with the AA for the tin top but they won't cover a non-production car, i.e. a kit car, for European use so I took a specific policy with A-Plan for that. £45 for the year.
  4. David S


    Just seen a post on Facebook to say this has now been cancelled until 2021. Will be updated on their website tomorrow (22nd). It was inevitable
  5. Would love to do that 1 year, it is on my bucket list!
  6. David S

    Alps in July?

    I did Switzerland 2 years ago in June and it was amazing. Getting down there was a bit of a slog but once there, the whole place is stunning. I only wish I had the cash and annual leave to join you!
  7. Unfortunately, it was bound to happen.
  8. I think a lot of hotels could be trading differently with reduced occupancy levels, limited catering and social distancing still in place until such time as a vaccine is found.
  9. I had already cancelled at the Elan so I beat them to it. As you say, maybe next year!
  10. Hi Andi Are you trying to compete with this?
  11. Hi Stuart. I think this is a very sensible decision, you can't be too careful. As you say, there will be plenty of opportunities to re-arrange this in the future. It also gives you more time to get the Prefect as you would like it. Stay safe!
  12. I am sure you must watch Ben Crowe at Crimson? I have been so tempted to go on one of his courses but by the time you factor in the course costs, accommodation for a week or more and materials, it is just too expensive. I also have too many guitars already!
  13. Fully loaded and tricked out VW T6 van with every bell and whistle I can dream of.
  14. I bought my kit December 2010 and on the road 2012 and it seems to be holding up OK. I may have been in at the start of the better powder coating process.
  15. Hi David. I had to look up the Brooke ME190 and it is a lovely looking car you have bought there. I run a GBS Zero and, due to the light weight, run at 18psi. I suspect the Brooke is a similar weight so a range of 18-20 to 20-22 seems reasonable. A lot of it is trial and error with these cars and personal preference.
  16. Some great roads in Switzerland. Every corner you go round there is more amazing scenery! The twisty turny roads are great fun! The same with the Northcoast 500! Also agree that Wales has some great roads. The 'Evo Triangle' used to be good but I think it is full of average speed limit cameras now.
  17. I have made a reservation at the Elan Hotel.
  18. I am a 'maybe'! I have a possible gig on the Saturday night, but it is not confirmed yet. If that doesn't come off, then this sounds like fun.
  19. The Dordogne in September coming back via Brittany for a few days.
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