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1600 Xflow

Guest Mark P

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Guest Mark P

To my biggest shock, I have found out that my beloved 1600 xflow engine is actually a 1300 :boohoo:


Where is the best place to get a 1600 from??


The annoying thing is that I pay insurance and tax for the 1600!! :angry:


Any help would be great.



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Guest Darren.S



I have a 1600xflow thats sat in the back of my garage, I had it was in my mk1 escort for a very short while before I changed it for a 2lt.


Its had new rings on it, but I think theres a jet missing from the carb.


Was running fine, but has been sat there for a good 3 years (in the dry)


If you want it I'm after £75, I'm in Bucks though!


If your interested e-mail me @ sasdarren@cat-itsolutions.com

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Guest rizla
:o if only you were here in january you could have had a 1700 x-flow with 40s for next to nothing now the only thing left is a complete tiger racing exhaust
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Guest Mark P



Thanks for the offer, just a quick question if you don't mind.


on the exhaust side there should be a number on the bottom of the block (about 20mm high in size) What is it??


the reason I ask is that I want to modify the block and there is a certain type which is recommended.


Any info would be great



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